Jun 23, 2024  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 

Brookings Public Policy Minor

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 Purpose and Focus

The UNLV - Brookings Curriculum offers a multidisciplinary curriculum based upon local, national and global themes. UNLV –Brookings courses unite the best teaching and scholarship of UNLV faculty and Brookings experts. This unique collaboration draws upon the diverse faculty and programmatic interests of UNLV to link knowledge, academic inquiry, and practice with the outstanding policy programs of the Brookings Institution.

The UNLV-Brookings collaboration recognizes its responsibility to present multiple perspectives and enhance critical thinking and decision making skills in a broad range of subject areas such as geography, economics, political science, public policy, international security, the environment, history, science, foreign languages, language arts, and fine and applied arts.

In an increasing diverse society, at a metropolitan university located in the heart of a global city, the UNLV-Brookings Curriculum recognizes the unique needs of today’s linguistically, ethnically, and socially diverse classrooms and is committed to creating curriculum materials that model effective ways of working with students of all backgrounds.

UNLV students are coming of age in a world of global markets where democratic forms of government emerge, struggle, and adapt amid a technological revolution that continues to alter how we think, act, and live on a daily basis. The UNLV-Brookings Curriculum addresses the challenge of effective teaching, learning, and communication in this ever-changing global environment. UNLV faculty and students, in collaboration with Brookings colleagues, will meet this challenge, and help build sustainable local, national, and global communities.

In UNLV-Brookings courses students will:
• Learn about real people in real places
• Link societies by their connections and commonalities as much
   as by their differences
• Integrate general issues of globalization, past and present, into
   the study of specific people and places in the world
• Include cross-disciplinary approaches to break down
   conventional academic barriers
• Emphasize experiential as well as classroom learning
• Foster research and information literacy through coordinated
   lectures, readings, and assignments

Admission Policies:

Students may declare Brookings Policy as a minor at anytime subsequent to being matriculated. Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.00 to declare and to graduate with a minor in Brookings Policy.
Academic Policies:
A minimum overall GPA of 3.00 must be maintained in order to continue in the Brookings Policy minor.


Upon acceptance into the minor, we recommend that students meet with an advisor from the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Advising Center 702-895-1009. Students should meet with their advisor prior to each semester they are taking classes. The program has developed a schedule of when classes will be offered. Meeting with an advisor will ensure the student stays on track and can graduate in a timely manner.

Courses Include - Total Credits: 18

Students who complete an approved sequence of courses will obtain from UNLV a “Brookings Minor in Public Policy.” Priority enrollment is open to students enrolled in the Brookings Minor. Completion of six courses is required to complete the minor. Classes are, however, open to all UNLV students.


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