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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 

Academic Success Center


Academic Success Center

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Purpose and Focus  

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is a resource and service hub that partners with the UNLV campus community to welcome, guide, and support students through their academic careers. The ASC offers a wide variety of programs that include academic advising for Exploring Majors and non-degree seeking students, campus-wide tutoring and supplemental instruction, academic success coaching, math bridge programs, first- and second-year seminars for Exploring Majors, student-athlete services, scholarship programs, a learning specialist program, and much more.

Academic Success Center Service Areas

Academic Advising (Exploring Majors and Major Pathways Students)


Exploring Majors and Major Pathways students are required to meet with an Academic Advisor in the ASC at least once a semester, to discuss their goals, interests, and major/career plans. The Academic Advising Unit also has tools designed to help with the exploration of various majors, minors, careers, and continuing educational pursuits. The planning process for Exploring Majors begins with new students and continues each time a student meets with an Academic Advisor. Upon earning 30 credits, students are required to schedule an appointment to discuss future plans in more detail. Upon completion of 48 cumulative credits, students are required to change from Exploring to a degree-granting major.  Students can also decide to change their majors at any time as long as they meet the entrance requirements for the major selected.

Change of Major Policies
Students can change their major to the Academic Success Center as an Exploring Major if they are: 1) unsure of a major/career path, 2) are in a Good Academic Standing with a minimum UNLV or transfer GPA of 2.00, and 3) have earned fewer than 48 cumulative credits.

A student may be subject to a one-semester college/center suspension after being on academic probation (less than 2.00 cumulative UNLV GPA) for two consecutive semesters. Students wishing to appeal the suspension may submit a Reinstatement after College Suspension form to the Academic Success Center Academic Standards Committee for review. Also, a transfer student entering a probation contract who fails to fulfill that contract may be subject to college/center suspension. All students are subject to University policies regarding University probation and suspension.

Students wishing to appeal a college or university suspension may submit a Reinstatement after College/University Suspension form with a letter and supporting documentation to the Academic Success Center Academic Standards Committee for review.

Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Students
Undergraduate non-degree seeking students can take a maximum of eight credits per semester. No more than 24 credits earned as a non-degree seeking student at UNLV may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree at UNLV. Non-degree seeking students who are close to earning or have earned 24 credits are highly encouraged to apply for degree-seeking status.

Credit Overload Petitions
Degree-seeking freshmen may take a maximum of 17 credits per semester and sophomores through seniors may take a maximum of 18 credits per semester. Degree-seeking and non-degree seeking students wanting to enroll in more semester credits than their standing allows may submit a credit overload petition. Credit overload petitions will be considered only for students who possess at least a 3.00 UNLV GPA or at the most recently attended institution and/or a combination of all institutions attended.



The ASC provides a campus-wide tutoring program for a variety of UNLV courses.  Tutoring is available in the Lied Library, second floor, and College of Engineering Tutoring LAB TBE A207.  Subjects typically tutored every semester include, but are not limited to, math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, accounting, and foreign languages. Additional subjects are added each semester based on tutoring requests and availability. Tutoring is provided throughout the school year, including the summer. Additional information about tutoring and the schedule is available at or on Facebook at UNLV Tutoring. The mission of the program is to enhance a student’s overall academic experience at UNLV by providing a respectful, educational environment to reinforce classroom learning. Students who have excelled in their chosen subject(s) and are highly recommended by a UNLV faculty member, are hired throughout the school year as peer tutors.

Supplemental Instruction


The UNLV Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program is a peer-led study group that partners with historically difficult courses and provides an interactive environment to assist students with course concepts and discuss learning strategies. Each group is conducted by an SI Leader who has recently completed the course with a grade of B or better and is highly recommended by partnering academic faculty. SI is free for students in partnered courses and is typically offered for freshman and sophomore level Biology, Chemistry, Math, and Physics. In a partnered course, frequent SI attendance by students has been correlated to increased rates of performance and retention when compared to non-SI participants. Please feel free to visit our website for a current listing of courses and session times.

Bridge Programs


Expect Success Math Bridge is a free, on-campus program sponsored. It is designed to help UNLV students who are placed into Math 95, 96, or 120. The program aims to help students test into their college level math requirement. The program combines online learning with in-class assistance to help students gain a better understanding of core math concepts and overcome their math anxiety. The program uses an online platform which students access in our computer labs for the duration of the program. Class time is split between online work with tutor assistance, and tutor-led activities. Students are also able to access the platform at home if they wish to work on concepts outside of class time. Experienced tutors lead the Math Bridge Program. They assist students as they work through an online program and give lessons on math concepts. Our tutoring team allows for individualized student attention as well as the chance to work in small groups by addressing problem areas such as proper note taking, study skills, and test anxiety. By addressing these issues we help students to gain confidence and feel empowered about their ability to learn.  Students are also able to meet and interact with their peers in the same major and become familiar with the UNLV campus before courses start in Fall. 

Rebel PRIDE: College Readiness

Rebel PRIDE is a free 2-day conference for students and parents/guardians to help with their transition to UNLV. Students will be able to interact with faculty, staff, and other students to prepare and have a smooth transition into college. You will learn about UNLV and the many resources offered! PRIDE stands for:

P – Develop a peer network
R – Connect with campus resources
I – Learn valuable UNLV information
D – Participate in discussions about transitioning to college
E – Engage with faculty

Academic Success Coaching Program


Academic Success Coaches help students develop strategies for successfully navigating college academically, socially, and personally. Coaches individualize their approach with every student by engaging in the processes of reflection, goal-setting, and planning. The Academic Success Coaching Program empowers students by helping them:

  • Objectively assess obstacles to academic success
  • Establish attainable educational goals
  • Create and maintain positive daily routines
  • Improve time management and organizational skills
  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Study more effectively and efficiently
  • Engage in courses through participation and effective note taking
  • Prepare for exams
  • Build rapport with professors
  • Utilize campus resources

First-Year Seminar for Exploring Majors (COLA 100E)
The ASC, in partnership with the College of Liberal Arts, provides a 3-credit first-year seminar designed to help students build a strong foundation for academic success. COLA 100E: First-Year Seminar for Exploring Majors addresses topics regarding learning strategies, critical thinking, citizenship, ethics, multiculturalism, writing, and other topics relating to student development. Major and career exploration is also intertwined throughout the course content, as students are exposed to a blend of information and experiences to help them explore potential major and career choices.

Second-Year Seminar for Exploring Majors (ENG 231E)
The ASC partners with World Literature to offer ENG 231E, which is a second-year seminar (SYS) designed for Exploring Majors with the theme, “Finding Your Path.” It is a three-credit course that explores issues of identity and vocation through the reading of original literature from antiquity to the present day. ENG 231E reinforces the University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (UULOs) introduced in the first-year seminar, COLA 100E.

The ASC annually offers the ASC Dean’s Award for qualifying Exploring Majors. In order to be eligible for the scholarship, Exploring Majors must be in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or higher) and be enrolled full time. Students submit applications to the ASC Advising Unit in the spring, and successful awardees are notified in the summer for fall and spring semesters.

The ASC also offers the Hixson-Lied Success Scholars Program during the Fall and Spring semesters for selected incoming and current undergraduate students. The scholarship is geared toward students who have overcome significant challenges (academic, economic, etc.) to find success in-and-out of the classroom. For more information, visit or email

Student-Athlete Academic Services


The Office of Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) provides academic advising and support services for over 400 of UNLV’s student- athletes. The office is committed to assisting student-athletes in earning a degree of their choice, while fulfilling UNLV, Mountain West Conference (MWC), and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility requirements. Further, every effort is made to instill in each individual those skills necessary to become an independent, responsible member of the UNLV student body. SAAS is committed to providing an environment that facilitates the academic success of every student-athlete. SAAS’ goal is to prepare student-athletes to be fully accountable for their academic progress, resulting in graduation and personal/professional development.

The academic services staff provides a variety of academic services, to both prospective student-athletes and currently enrolled UNLV student-athletes, per NCAA Bylaw 16.3.1. These services include, but are not limited to:

• Providing UNLV athletic department coaching staff preliminary evaluations of the eligibility and admission status of prospective student-athletes (recruits)
• Assisting student-athletes in course selection, planning, and scheduling for their specific UNLV degree program
• Monitoring the academic progress of student-athletes toward degree program requirements.
• Informing student-athletes of the myriad NCAA, MWC, and UNLV requirements they must satisfy in order to remain eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics at UNLV
• Monitoring the eligibility status of student-athletes and providing direction for meeting eligibility requirements
• Assisting the faculty athletics representative (FAR) in the eligibility certification of all student-athletes
• Providing assistance and direction to student-athletes regarding UNLV’s non-academic support services that may help them adjust to and cope with the challenges of university life
• Creating and administering programs that will support and enhance the academic performance and potential of student-athletes
• Preparing student-athletes for graduation and the ensuing challenges, including employment and post-graduate education

Learning Specialist Program
In partnership with the Disability Resource Center and the PRACTICE , the Learning Specialist Program provides services to undergraduate UNLV students who face challenges that pose barriers to their academic success.

Dual Enrollment Program


The ASC hosts the UNLV Dual Enrollment Program, which provides highly-motivated high school students an opportunity to get a head start on their college education by enrolling in UNLV courses before high school graduation. Dual Enrollment students have the opportunity to earn dual credit (university and high school credit) with the approval of their high school counselor. In addition, Dual Enrollment students receive full access to ASC resources, such as tutoring, advising and academic success coaching. The Dual Enrollment Program attracts some of the best and brightest students in Clark County and creates a more streamlined bridge from their high school to UNLV.