Aug 08, 2020  
2009-2011 Graduate Catalog 



Rights of Privacy Act of 1974

The Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 affords persons who are currently, or who were formerly, in attendance at the university as registered students a right of access to their “educational records,” which contain information directly related to such persons and the right to challenge the accuracy of their records. The act also restricts the persons to whom the university may disclose a student’s educational records without the student’s written permission. The university’s policy is to comply fully with all provisions of the act, and a detailed statement concerning the rights afforded current and former students is available, at no cost, in the office of UNLV’s General Counsel. Any person who feels the university has failed to comply with the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act may file a complaint with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Office, Department of Education, 300 Independence Avenue S.W., Washington D.C. 20201.

Annual Jeanne Clery Campus Safety and Security Report

In order to comply with provisions of “The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act”, reports from the University community and local law enforcement agencies are compiled and published annually by the Department of Public Safety. As law enforcement professionals tasked with the maintenance of a safe and secure educational environment, it is our responsibility to provide a comprehensive report regarding the campus public safety environment including the incidence of crime.


The 2009-2011 Graduate Catalog describes current academic programs of study, course descriptions and degree requirements at the graduate level for the academic years 2009-10 and 20010-11 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The content of this catalog is current as of August 2009, but is subject to modification at any time to accommodate changes in university resources or educational plans.

This catalog does not constitute a contractual commitment that the university will offer all the courses or programs described, and the university reserves the right to revise catalog provision and fees at any time in accordance with the actions of the president the Nevada System of Higher Education, or any other governing body.

The university reserves the right to eliminate, cancel, reduce in size or phase out courses, academic programs and/or limit enrollments in specific programs and courses, to change fees during the student’s period of study, and to require a student to withdraw from the institution for cause at any time.


Inquiries should be addressed to: Dean of the Graduate College, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 451017, Las Vegas, NV 89154-1017, (702) 895-3320, or call UNLV’s main switchboard at (702) 895-3011. Visit the UNLV Web
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