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2009-2011 Graduate Catalog 

Financial Assistance


The University of Nevada, Las Vegas subscribes to the following statement that has been adopted by the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States and by most of the leading graduate schools in North America:

Acceptance of an offer of a graduate scholarship, fellowship, traineeship, or graduate assistantship for the next academic year by an actual or prospective graduate student completes an agreement which both student and the graduate school expect to honor. In those instances in which the student indicates acceptance prior to April 15 and subsequently desires to change plans, the student may submit in writing a resignation of the appointment at any time through April 15 in order  to accept another scholarship, fellowship, traineeship, or graduate assistantship. However, an acceptance given or left in force after April 15 commits the student not to accept another appointment without first obtaining formal release for that purpose. It is further agreed by the institutions and organizations subscribing to the above resolution that a copy of this resolution should accompany every scholarship, fellowship, traineeship, and assistantship offer sent to a first-year graduate student before April 15.


Policies & Procedures

Federal Loan Programs
Student Financial Services
Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

Student Financial Services



The University of Nevada, Las Vegas provides a wide variety of assistance to finance higher education expenses. Grants, scholarships, part-time employment, and educational loans are available to help students with educational costs while attending UNLV. Students are encouraged to explore all possible resources. Financial Aid Administrators are available to discuss the variety of resources available and to assist graduate students in the application process. For further information, contact Graduate Student Financial Services at (702) 895-5569 and UNLV Student Financial Services, located in the Student Services Complex, at (702) 895-3424. The Graduate Student Financial Services office is located in the Graduate College on the 3rd floor of the Flora Dungan Humanities Building.


Federal Loan Programs



Federal Perkins Loans

A Federal Perkins loan is a low-interest (5 percent) loan available to graduate students that is made through the university. Actual award amounts depend on federal and institutional funding levels. Preference is given to those applicants who are attending at least half time and have the greatest financial need. The total amount awarded is determined by financial need.

Application must be made with the FAFSA, which must be mailed to the federal processing center by February 1. Priority is given to those with the greatest need whose federal financial aid information is received by UNLV before the priority filing date.

Federal Direct Stafford Loans

Direct Stafford loans are low interest loans to assist you in paying for your college education. The interest rate is variable and set annually, not to exceed 8.25 percent. You may call Student Financial Services or contact the Federal Aid Information number at 1-800-433-3243 for the current interest rate. Your loans may assist you in meeting your tuition and or living expenses. You do not have to start repaying them until you drop below half-time enrollment, withdraw completely from school, or graduate.

There are two types of Stafford loans:

a. The Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan is based on financial need. Interest on this loan is paid by Federal taxpayers while you are in school attending at least half-time.

b. The Federal Unsubsidized Loan is available to students regardless of financial need. You will be charged interest from the time the loan is disbursed until it is paid in full.


Graduate Assistantships


A number of state-supported and extramurally funded graduate assistantships are available. The most important regulations governing these positions are:

  1. Applications must be sent to the department which you are seeking employment no later than March 1 proceeding the fall semester in which an assistantship is sought. Applications may be submitted after this date in case of unexpected  openings occurring for the fall semester. In rare cases where an assistantship is available for the spring semester, the application deadline is November 15th.
  2. Application forms are available from the Graduate College Office and on our website.
  3. An assistantship is normally offered for a full academic year. If a student seeks renewal of an assistantship for the next year, a new application form must be submitted.
  4. Currently, a graduate assistantship carries with it a stipend paid monthly for the academic year. This stipend may vary for extramurally funded assistantships. Tuition waivers are also included with the assistantship. These waivers are  approved only for work directly related to the student’s degree program (courses numbered 500 and approved for graduate credit and 700-level courses). This waiver covers a significant portion of the per credit hour fee. The tuition waiver covers the full amount of out-of-state tuition. Tuition waiver amounts may vary or extramurally funded assistantships.
  5. Graduate assistantships are not generally available during Summer Term. However, tuition waivers are available for Summer Term before and after a contract year has been completed. Tuition waivers are not available for  undergraduate or audited courses. The above policies may differ for extramurally funded assistantships.
  6. Graduate assistants must have graduate standing status at the time they begin their assistantships.
  7. International students whose graduate assistantship includes instructional duties (lecture, discussion groups, laboratory supervision, tutoring) must have received a successful grade on the Test of Spoken English (TSE) prior to assuming these instructional duties.
  8. Graduate assistants must carry a minimum of six
    semester hours of graduate credit per semester. To carry more than twelve semester hours of credit, the department chair, academic dean, and the Graduate Dean must approve an Overload Petition.
  9. Graduate assistants are expected to spend on the average 20 hours per week on departmental duties in either instruction and/or research.
  10. Graduate assistants may not accept employment on or off campus without written permission from their faculty advisor, department chair, and Graduate College Dean. Graduate assistants are normally prohibited from being employed for more than 1 0 hours per week beyond their assistantship.
  11. Graduate assistants are expected to report in the same time-frame as faculty, i.e., during academic semesters and not during break or vacation times. Graduate Assistants must report one week prior to commencement of classes both fall and spring semester. Exceptions to this statement may be negotiated at the time of employment; however, both parties must agree to the arrangement and approval must be obtained from the Chairperson, Academic Dean and Graduate Dean.
  12. New graduate assistants are expected, as part of their contract obligation, to attend the Graduate Assistant Teacher Training and General Orientation Sessions that are offered at the beginning of each fall semester.
  13. Graduate assistantships will be terminated if the student does not satisfactorily perform assigned duties. Assistantships will also be terminated if a student does not make satisfactory progress toward the degree. Unsatisfactory progress includes, but is not limited to: filing a degree program late; receiving a grade of less than B; failing to remove an Incomplete grade after one calendar year; and failing comprehensive or qualifying examinations as required by the degree program.
  14. Offers of assistantships, whether state-supported or extramurally funded, are valid only if they come from the Graduate College Dean.

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships


For New Students:  McNair Post-Baccalaureate Scholarships

McNair Post-Baccalaureate Scholarships, administered by the Graduate College, are awarded in open competition to first-year graduate students who participated in a McNair Scholars program at UNLV or at another institution as an undergraduate.

To be considered, applicants must:

  • Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and graduate standing status at the time the scholarship begins.
  • Enroll in a minimum of nine credit hours for two consecutive semesters.

For Current Students:  The following fellowships and scholarships are only available to graduate students already admitted to the Graduate College.


President’s Graduate Fellowships

The President’s Graduate Fellowships are provided through funding from the UNLV Foundation as directed by UNLV’s president for the research support of doctoral students. Up to three awards are given annually, each offering a fellowship  package including a stipend, tuition (up to 12 credits), fees, and health benefit totaling $24,000.

Nominees must:

  • Be doctoral students working primarily on the dissertation.
  • Have a minimum graduate GPA of 3.5.
  • Hold full-time student status (at least nine graduate credits) in each semester of the fellowship year.

Nominations must be submitted through department chairs. (Only one letter of nomination may be submitted from each department.)


Barrick Graduate Fellowships

Barrick Graduate Fellowships were established by an endowment from philanthropist Marjorie Barrick. They are given to outstanding doctoral students who have demonstrated excellent scholarship during their graduate study at UNLV. Two awards are given, each offering a $14,000 fellowship with full fees paid (up to 12 credits), including all out-of-state tuition, if applicable.

Applicants must:

  • Be a doctoral-level student.
  • Have completed at least 2 4 credits of doctoral study (at the time of application).
  • Have a minimum graduate GPA of 3.5.
  • Enroll as a full-time graduate student (at least nine graduate credits) in each semester of the fellowship year in order to devote maximum effort to doctoral study. Criteria for selection will also include demonstrated excellence in research.



Association Scholarships

Alumni Association Scholarships are awarded to outstanding master’s students who received their undergraduate degrees from UNLV. Three awards are given, each offering a $1,000 scholarship for the academic year.

Applicants must:

  • Be a master’s-level or specialist student.
  • Have completed at least 12 credits of graduate study at UNLV (by the end of the current spring semester).
  • Have minimum UNLV undergraduate and graduate GPAs of 3.5.
  • Enroll in six or more graduate credits in each semester of the scholarship year.
  • Hold an undergraduate degree from UNLV.

James F. Adams/GPSA Scholarships

The UNLV Graduate & Professional Student Association established these scholarships in honor of Dr. James F. Adams, former dean of the Graduate College (1980-85), to recognize academic achievement of master’s-level students. Six  awards are given, each offering a $1,000 scholarship.

Applicants must:

  • Be a master’s-level or specialist student.
  • Have completed at least 12 credits of graduate study at UNLV (by the end of the current spring semester).
  • Have a minimum graduate GPA of 3.5.
  • Enroll in six or more credits in each semester of the scholarship year.

Summer Session Scholarship

Summer Session Scholarships are designed to enable summer study for doctoral students, however excellent master’s and specialist’s students may be considered. Ten awards are given, each offering a $2,000 scholarship during the summer.

Applicants must:

  • Have completed at least 12 credits of graduate study at UNLV (at the time of application).
  • Have a minimum graduate GPA of 3.0.
  • Enroll in six credits in any one or combination of summer sessions.

Criteria for selection will include summer plans for conducting dissertation or thesis research.

Updates on fellowship and scholarship information are available on the Graduate College website.




On-Campus Employment

Several campus departments and offices employ students in a variety of positions. These jobs can be viewed on the Student Financial Services website. On-campus employment listings are available to graduate students enrolled in at least five credits at UNLV. Financial need is not a criterion for on-campus employment.

Job Location and Development

Employment opportunities are offered to UNLV students by community businesses and individuals. These jobs can be viewed on the Student Financial Services website.

In addition to job listings, the JLD Program sponsors biannual Job Fairs where employers from businesses, government agencies, and hospitals, to name a few, come to campus to discuss part-time employment opportunities.

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program is a federally funded financial aid program awarded as part of the financial aid package. This program enables students to earn a portion of their college expenses through employment with a UNLV department or office or off campus with contracted nonprofit agencies. Community service is a major goal of this program. If available, students may choose jobs related to their academic majors and career objectives. Work hours may also be arranged according to class schedules.

To qualify for a Federal Work Study job, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements of the federal financial aid programs. One requirement, financial need, is determined by Student Financial Services and based on income and asset information entered on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

Funds are limited. Therefore, applicants must mail the completed FAFSA application to the federal processing center by February 1. Questions concerning the eligibility requirements or application process may be directed to Student Financial Services, second floor, Student Services Complex.