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2009-2011 Graduate Catalog 

Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

Welcome to the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering. We believe you will find UNLV and the College of Engineering a great place to pursue your studies. With more than 60 faculty, 400 graduate students, and 1,400 undergraduates, we have a dynamic community of scholars. Beyond that, we’ve made innovations that have resulted in an imaginative, student-centered educational and research environment. We are growing, and our future looks very promising. UNLV is now a Research Intensive University, a distinction that the College of Engineering has played a major role in helping the university achieve.

Graduate students in the College of Engineering study a variety of disciplines, including computer science, construction management, civil and environmental, electrical and computer, informatics, and mechanical engineering. New programs are underway, and we are building first-class research facilities.

Graduate students are involved in all of the new and ongoing research being conducted by the faculty. Some of our research areas include transmutation of radioactive waster, air and water quality, data mining, materials research for the DOE stockpile stewardship program, vehicle and mass transit transportation, renewable energy (wind and solar), threat and terrorist defense, aerospace, and parallel processing and computer code development. One study we are currently conducting is with a “team” of five robots that play soccer and communicate with one another. This interdependent “soccer team” of robots is hoped to fuel the excitement of scientific and engineering discovery and to ultimately develop into research outcomes that serve mankind in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include automating many tasks in nonmanufacturing industries such as agriculture, construction, health care, entertainment, and education.

As the boundaries of science continue to expand, the College of Engineering is committed to offering students a variety of competitive programs. New master’s programs in aerospace engineering, bioengineering, and materials and  nuclear engineering are currently being considered by the university administration. Entertainment engineering, a joint program with the College of Fine Arts, is also underway. The joint venture is anticipated to eventually become the premier program for entertainment technology in the country.

The College of Engineering is an exciting place to pursue your graduate studies. We hope that you will join us at UNLV.


Eric Sandgren, Dean

   (2003), Professor and Dean; BSME, MSME, Ph.D. Purdue University.


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