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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 

Educational Leadership Ed.S. (Discontinued 2011)

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 This program is was eliminated in 2011. Students enrolled in this program must complete their degree by December 2012 or transfer to a different department.  Educational Leadership Ed.S. degrees will not be awarded after December 2012.

The Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) degree is designed to provide students an opportunity to seek greater indepth understanding of selected aspects of administration beyond the master’s level in administration. The student is expected to pursue a program that concentrates on one of the subdisciplines within Educational Leadership. The emphasis in courses at the specialist level will be upon interpretation, application, and analysis of knowledge. This degree is not available in the Higher Education program.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Ed.S. program requires that the candidate meet the leadership requirements for admission to the master’s program and complete the following:

  1. Fulfill the requirements for a master’s degree in educational administration or the equivalent, taking any courses necessary to meet these requirements in addition to courses specified for the Specialist in Education degree.
  2. Present evidence of two years of appropriate experience as a teacher or an administrator-supervisor. In evaluating applications for admission in this program, the department committee will give consideration to the following factors:
    1. Evidence of satisfactory professional experience.
    2. Evidence of writing ability and facility in verbal expression.
    3. Verification of a master’s degree in educational administration or the equivalent.

Degree Requirements

The Ed.S. degree requires a minimum of 32 semester credit hours of graduate course work beyond the master’s degree. Academic background deficiencies may require the completion of supplemental course work in addition to the 32 program hours.

  1. Complete a minimum of 18 credit hours prefixed EDA.
  2. Specialize in one area appropriate to the field of study, i.e., finance, law, supervision, organizational development, leadership, workforce education, etc.
  3. Complete a minimum of three hours of internship. Students who have had no administrative experience will be required to complete six hours or more of practicum or internship under departmental supervision.
  4. Complete a minimum of six credits selected from a field other than educational administration.
  5. Prepare a professional paper.
  6. Maintain an overall 3.00 GPA.
  7. Pass a comprehensive examination either during the final semester or in the next semester after the completion of all course work.

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