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2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 

Business Administration & Juris Doctor Dual M.B.A./J.D.

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The William S. Boyd School of Law and the Lee Business School offer a dual Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program that allows students to be admitted in both programs and achieve the JD and MBA degrees simultaneously. As a concurrent program, the dual degree requires that students satisfy the degree requirements of both programs. The JD/MBA dual degree requires 80 Law credit hours and 30 MBA credit hours. Under the dual degree program 12 credit hours of Law courses are accepted towards the MBA degree and nine credit hours of MBA courses are accepted towards the JD degree.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the JD/MBA program must submit formal applications for admission to both the William S. Boyd School of Law and to the Graduate College. Students must meet the requirements for admission to both programs. Admission requirements are the same as those stated under the regular JD and MBA programs. For information on the MBA program application procedures, interested individuals should contact the Lee Business School-MBA Program at (702) 895-3655 or go to http://business.unlv.edu or the William S. Boyd School of Law at (702) 895-2440 or go to http://www.law.unlv.edu


While applications from current students in either program will be considered, students normally should seek and satisfy admission to enter both programs upon entering the university. However, petitions requesting admission to the dual JD/MBA program from students at more advanced stages in either program will be considered.


Application Process

See the application process under the MBA and School of Law programs. In addition, include a letter of intent indicating you are applying for the dual JD/MBA degree.

Degree Requirements


Students must be admitted to both the JD and MBA programs with graduate standing. The candidates must successfully complete the 80 credit hours of Law course work and 30 credit hours of the MBA required course work. Furthermore:


  1. William S. Boyd School of Law cannot award credit for any class taken before matriculation. JD/MBA candidates must therefore enroll at the School of Law before taking any MBA courses to be counted toward the JD degree.
  2. A maximum of six credit hours taken prior to admission to the JD/MBA program may be applied towards the MBA degree requirement. This includes all courses taken as a fully admitted graduate MBA student at an AACSB accredited business school, as an admitted law student at UNLV, or as a non-admitted student at UNLV before admission to the MBA program.
  3. JD/MBA candidates who subsequently decide to pursue only the JD or only the MBA must complete the degree program in its entirety and subject to the same rules and requirements as students not pursuing the JD/MBA program. Because students must finish both programs to receive credit toward the JD/MBA, degrees will not be awarded until both programs are finished.
  4. JD/MBA candidates must comply with the requirements for all students regarding the maximum amount of time for completion of a degree program. Law students have a maximum of 7 years to complete the J.D. degree. The Graduate College imposes a six-year time limit for completion of a master’s program.
  5. JD/MBA candidates may not receive credit for taking courses outside their degree program without prior approval.
  6. Student honors and class ranks at the William S. Boyd School of Law will be computed based solely on law classes. Student honors and class ranks at the Lee Business School will be computed based solely on classes taken as business classes.
  7. Students in the JD/MBA program must remain in good standing at both JD and MBA programs.
  8.  Students in the JD/MBA program are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to all students at the William S. Boyd School of Law and the Lee Business School.
  9. The listing of courses does not constitute a binding commitment that the courses will be offered during the student’s course of study or that the graduation requirements will remain unchanged.


Culminating Experience and Graduation Requirement:

Successful completion of the capstone course, MBA 787 - Strategic Management 

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