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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 

Women’s Studies

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Purpose and Focus

Women’s Studies provides students with interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies for studying gender relations, i.e. how gender, in intersection with other substantive categories of analysis and identity, such as race, class, sexuality, ethnicity, physical ability, nationality, shapes the material conditions of peoples’ lives all over the world. Our classrooms are interactive learning environments that value diversity and multiple perspectives. Our students learn new ways of viewing the world, develop tools for critical thinking, and are empowered to make a difference in the world. Our curriculum provides students with the skills to undertake cutting-edge research on contemporary issues through our core sequence of upper-division courses on theory, research methodologies, and praxis. Students interested in learning more about gender issues in conjunction with other interests find that it is easy to combine our curriculum with other majors, minors and fields of study. In addition, internship and leadership opportunities, combined with individualized advising from core faculty, allows students to pursue career goals while undertaking their course of study.

Women’s Studies equips students to enter a range of careers in today’s diverse and multicultural workplaces. Students can pursue further study to become researchers and scholars either within the growing field of Women’s/Gender Studies or in a wide range of academic fields in the humanities and social sciences where knowledge of contemporary gender analysis provides an advantage. Women’s Studies is also excellent preparation for careers in such fields as law, education, counseling, social and community work, government, nursing, social justice work, business, public relations, advertising, journalism, and many other fields


Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Undergraduate Major

Women’s Studies


For academic advising, students should contact the Wilson Advising Center of the College of Liberal Arts. Majors and Minors should also consult the Undergraduate Coordinator of the Women’s Studies Department for more specialized academic advising and for career advising.

Students should consult advisers to plan their schedules early in their UNLV careers because most Women’s Studies courses are offered only once annually. WMST 101 and WMST 113 are both pre-requisites for WMST 301 and 302. WMST 301 and 302 are both pre-requisites for WMST 497. If possible, we recommend you plan on taking WMST 301 before taking WMST 302. We also recommend taking WMST 497 immediately after WMST 302: WMST 302 in the Fall of your senior year, and WMST 497 in the Spring of your senior year.

Recommended sequence for core major and minor requirements: WMST 101, WMST 113, WMST 301, WMST 302, WMST 497.

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