Mar 21, 2023  
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 

Academic Success Center

Purpose and Focus 

Today’s university population is more diverse than it has ever been. Student goals range from the intrinsic pursuit of knowledge, to the acquisition of specific work-related skills, to preparation for graduate or professional programs. In UNLV’s urban setting, many students have nontraditional needs and specific career plans not easily met by traditional colleges. To this end, the Academic Success Center provides: 1) quality academic advising and support for students who have yet to declare a major, and 2) tutoring and learning support for all majors. The Academic Success Center is, thus, an academic home both to students exploring their degree options and to those who choose to utilize the wide variety of educational services offered to help them succeed academically.

Academic Success Center Service Areas

Advisement (Exploring Majors)

Students are encouraged to meet with Academic Advisors in the Academic Success Center (ASC) to discuss their goals, interests, and major/career plans. The Academic Advising Unit also has tools designed to help with the exploration of various majors, minors, careers, and continuing educational pursuits. The planning process for exploring majors begins with new students and continues each time a student meets with an advisor. Upon earning 30 credits, students are required to schedule appointments to discuss future plans in more detail. Upon completion of 48 cumulative credits, students are required to change from the exploring category to a major. Students can also change majors any time they have made a decision and meet the entrance requirements for the major selected.

Minimum GPA: 2.00

Change of Major Policies
Students can change their major to the Academic Success Center if they are: 1) unsure of a major/career path, 2) have a minimum transfer GPA of 2.00, and 3) have earned fewer than 48 credits.

A student is subject to a one-semester suspension after being on probation (less than 2.00 cumulative UNLV GPA) for two consecutive semesters. Students wishing to appeal the suspension may apply to the Academic Success Center Academic Standards Committee for reinstatement. A transfer student entering a probation contract who fails to fulfill that contract is subject to suspension until such time as that student raises his or her GPA to 2.00 or higher. Students will not be considered for reinstatement to the Academic Success Center after three ASC and/or university suspensions.

Non-Admitted Students
Non-admitted students can take a maximum of eight credits per semester. No more than 24 credits earned as a non-admitted student may be applied toward a bachelor’s degree. Overload appeals will be considered only for students who possess at least a 3.00 GPA from the most recently attended institution and/or a combination of all institutions attended.

Each academic year, the Academic Success Center offers scholarships for exploring students. Awards are decided in the summer for the fall and spring semesters.

Learning Support

The Academic Success Center is home to a wide range of programs designed to help students succeed. From tutoring to testing to mentoring programs, our goal is to help each student individually. Students are encouraged to visit the Academic Success Center on an ongoing basis to seek the support that they need. Staff from the Academic Success Center will also reach out to students to offer support to individuals and are available for presentations and programs to groups of students. Visit our website for additional information on our Learning Support programs.


The Academic Success Center provides a campus-wide tutoring program for a variety of UNLV courses. Subjects typically tutored every semester include, but are not limited to, math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, accounting, psychology, and foreign languages. Additional subjects are added each semester based on tutoring requests and availability. Tutoring is provided throughout the school year so that students can sign up anytime for academic assistance. The mission of the program is to enhance a student’s overall academic experience at UNLV by providing a respectful, educational environment to reinforce classroom learning. Students who have excelled in their chosen subject(s), and are highly recommended by a UNLV faculty member, are hired throughout the school year as peer tutors.


The Academic Success Center houses the Testing Center for the University. The Academic Success Center administers the ACT Residual test, as well as serving as a testing site for a number of national tests. Proctoring services for correspondence tests from other universities are also administered for a nominal fee. For more information, call the Testing Information Line at 895-3800 or the Testing Manager at 895-0667.

The Office of Student-Athlete Academic Services

The Office of Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) provides academic advising and support services for over 400 of UNLV’s student- athletes. The office is committed to assisting student-athletes in earning a degree of their choice, while fulfilling UNLV, Mountain West Conference (MWC), and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligibility requirements. Further, every effort is made to instill in each individual those skills necessary to become an independent, responsible member of the UNLV student body. SAAS is committed to providing an environment that facilitates the academic success of every student-athlete. SAAS’ goal is to prepare student-athletes to be fully accountable for their academic progress, resulting in graduation, personal, and professional development.

The academic services staff provides a variety of academic services, to both prospective student-athletes and currently enrolled UNLV student-athletes, per NCAA Bylaw 16.3.1. These services include, but are not limited to:

• Providing UNLV athletic department coaching staff preliminary evaluations of the eligibility and admission status of prospective student-athletes (recruits).
• Assisting student-athletes in course selection, planning, and scheduling for their specific UNLV degree program.
• Monitoring the academic progress of student-athletes toward degree program requirements.
• Informing student-athletes of the myriad NCAA, MWC, and UNLV requirements they must satisfy in order to remain eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics at UNLV.
• Monitoring the eligibility status of student-athletes and providing direction for meeting eligibility requirements.
• Assisting the faculty athletics representative (FAR) in the eligibility certification of all student-athletes.
• Providing assistance and direction to student-athletes regarding UNLV’s non-academic support services that, which may help them adjust to and cope with the challenges of university life.
• Creating and administering programs that will support and enhance the academic performance and potential of student-athletes.
• Preparing student-athletes for graduation and the ensuing challenges, including employment and post-graduate education.