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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 

Early-Career Students

Initial Steps for New Graduate Students

Progression, Forms, and Milestones

Engagement Opportunities



Early-career students are defined as students who are working on completing the first third of the coursework required for their degree. 


Initial Steps for New Graduate Students

Students should identify their initial advisor or contact their graduate coordinator listed in their Grad Rebel Gateway portal or on the Degrees Directory which also houses the program handbook. 

Students must attend the mandatory new graduate student orientation held by the Graduate College, so they can get information on important policies, access to campus resources, and meet Graduate College staff. 

New graduate students must also attend any orientation/meeting for their specific programs as an opportunity to get to know fellow incoming students, meet faculty, and access information they will need as they are starting their program. 

New GAs must attend the GA orientation to learn more about their role and responsibilities.

Students are encouraged to engage with the Graduate College and the GPSA to become involved with the larger graduate community and take advantage of the many free resources available to students.



Progression, Forms, and Milestones

Early-career students must satisfy any admissions conditions or provisions as specified on their admissions offer letter (see Admission status and classification of students ).

Students needing to declare a subplan (concentration or track) or change a plan or subplan, should do so during the early-career stage by contacting their Graduate College RPC coordinator who will work with the student and their department. 

Students who need a Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) should identify a faculty mentor and begin working on establishing their full GAC. Students needing a GAC will see the Appointment of Advisory Committee form in the Required Forms page in their Grad Rebel Gateway account. All students completing a thesis, dissertation, or doctoral project  are required to have a GAC. Students who need a Graduate Faculty Advisor should work with their department to identify that individual. Students needing a Graduate Faculty Advisor will see that form on their Required Forms page in the Grad Rebel Gateway.



Engagement Opportunities

The Grad Academy offers early career students a wide range of workshops throughout the year as well as the opportunity to participate in the Research or Financial Wellness Certification throughout the year. Many of these offer training in core skill sets that graduate students need to be successful in their graduate programs. It is also a good time to start building a career pathway plan, including supplemental learning opportunities that promote professional skill development and career readiness. Recommendations for early-career students include: the Research Certification, Financial Literacy and Wellness Badges, Grant Writing 101, and workshops on the following topics: how to conduct a literature review, how to pay for graduate college, citation management, tips for first year graduate students, and study skills and time management. Please visit The Grad Academy Website for the most updated information.




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