Jun 05, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary Programs

The institutional mission of the Graduate College includes advancing graduate education at UNLV. All Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (IGP) are structurally housed in the Graduate College. From program inception to approval launch, the Graduate College provides support for faculty in IGP creation and implementation.

Developed to address contemporary needs at local, state, national or global levels, Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs often serve to fill a gap in specialized workforce needs. Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs provide the student with educational opportunities across numerous disciplines, unlike what is delivered within the boundaries of a single department curriculum. The combination of faculty expertise across departments and schools/colleges provides the student with a broad perspective of the content area. This breadth of information is highly focused upon the specialty of each Interdisciplinary Graduate Program.

Alyssa Crittenden, Ph.D., Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate College

Emily Lin, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Graduate College



Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity  

Master of Science - Cybersecurity  

Master of Science - Biomedical Engineering  

Master of Science - Data Analytics  

Doctor of Philosophy - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences  

Doctor of Philosophy - Neuroscience  

Dual Degree: Master of Science - Cybersecurity & Master of Science - Management Information Systems  


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