Sep 23, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 

Stay Connected & Informed

Perhaps one of the most important secrets to graduate student success is staying in-the-know about important information, requirements, opportunities, deadlines, and news that can help graduate students not just survive, but thrive on campus. It is critically important for graduate students to stay informed and be engaged by recognizing and staying connected to all the ways we share information to support your success. We do not message students frivolously. 

Graduate College messages are shared with graduate students via:

  • Social Media: Please link, like, and/or follow the Graduate College from your program, department, school, and/or college social media accounts so that we can like and repost your news and posts. We would appreciate it if, likewise, you would please repost our social media posts.
  • UNLV’s RAVE (Rebel Announcements Via Email) is a weekly email sent to all enrolled students that provides important campus information including: deadlines, events, alerts, etc.
  • The Graduate College weekly student newsletter - Distributed Mondays during the fall and spring semesters
  • Grad Rebel Gateway Portal
  • Google Calendar
  • Grad Rebel Gateway messages to your Rebelmail
  • The Graduate College distributes strategic informational emails to students’ personal (pre-admission) or Rebelmail accounts (post-admission). For some students, these emails begin when they submit the request for information form on the Graduate College’s Future Students webpage, create an account in the Grad Rebel Gateway, and/or start an application. Pre-admission communications are sent to the email address the student used to create their Grad Rebel Gateway account. Rebelmail is used as soon as a student is admitted and throughout students’ graduate careers. Regardless of when students begin receiving emails (pre-application or post-enrollment), all will receive emails from the Graduate College regularly while they are enrolled. Timely emails will be sent through the entire student lifecycle and cover everything from enrollment and policy reminders, to invitations to participate in the The Grad Academy programming, to invitations to complete annual surveys, and much more. Emails continue through graduation, focusing on things such as graduation deadlines and requirements, our Doctoral Recognition Ceremony, and Commencement.
  • Text message: beginning in its full comprehensive function soon
  • Telephone: for urgent information and student messages


Other Ways to Stay Connected

  • UNLV Today: Emails provide daily updates about UNLV people, activities, and news.
  • Witness: Black Mountain Institute’s literary publication Witness publishes original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and photography that is innovative in its approach, broad-ranging in its concerns, and unapologetic in its perspective. The magazine blends the features of a literary and an issue-oriented magazine to highlight the role of the modern writer as a witness to their times.
  • Interim: Poetry selections published through the English Department. Interim seeks writing that engages the perilous conditions of life in the 21st century as they pertain to issues of social justice and the earth, writing that demonstrates an ethos that considers the human condition in inclusive love and sympathy while offering the same in consideration of the planet. Because we believe that the truth is always experimental, we especially appreciate work with innovative approaches. 
  • Nevada System of Higher Education: Stay up-to-date with NSHE news. Subscribe and receive press releases related to the NSHE system, Board of Regents meeting agendas, and much more.


Online Surveys, Annual Individual Development Plans, and Exit Survey

  • Each fall we distribute a Graduate Student Life and Climate Survey. This is an important annual assessment of graduate student experiences in their programs and on campus, especially but not exclusively as related to how we are doing at fostering a student-centered, supportive, ethical, inclusive, equitable, and just graduate community.
  • Each winter we require graduate students to complete a mandatory annual Individual Development Plan (IDP), which is shared with the student’s advisor (where applicable) and graduate coordinator so that they may provide input on the student’s progress and specify a timeline for goals in the next calendar year. This is intended as a supportive mentoring process and student safety net to promote timely degree progression and student success.
  • Students are also required to complete an Exit Survey as part of their graduation procedures in order for UNLV to assess student outcomes, hear from graduating 
  • students about their campus and degree program experiences, and use this information in a proactive manner to fuel a continuous improvement model whereby feedback leads to positive changes that improve future student experiences. We value our graduating students’ input.



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