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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 

Graphic Design and Media (BS)

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Graphic Design and Media Major- Bachelor of Science (BS)

Please see the UNLV College of Fine Arts web page at http://www.unlv.edu/finearts for information about department programs, faculty and facilities.

Please see advising information at the UNLV College of Fine Arts Advising Center at www.unlv.edu/finearts/advising.


Institution - Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities www.nwccu.org

Learning Objectives

 Upon completion of the BS in Graphic Design & Media, students will be able to:


  1. Demonstrate fluency in technology and state of the art software applications used in design professions.
  2. Employ a workflow strategy appropriate to the technical and creative needs of a given context.
  3. Analyze and critically respond to examples of design verbally and in written form.
  4. Apply research to identify and focus design problems, in the context of a client and audience relationship.
  5. Apply multiple ideation and analytical strategies throughout the design process.
  6. Formulate original and appropriate design responses to observed conditions or cultural contexts.
  7. Assemble a competitive portfolio of quality works of design and media appropriate to the student’s focus and career goals. The portfolio works will demonstrate a range of creative strategies and original solutions effective within identified design, communication, and social contexts.

 University Graduation Requirements


General Education Requirements - Subtotal: 37-40 Credits

First-Year Seminar - Credits: 2-3

English Composition - Credits: 6

Second-Year Seminar - Credits: 3

Mathematics - Credits: 3

Distribution Requirement - Credits: 19

Please see Distribution Requirement  for more information.

  • Humanities and Fine Arts:
    • Automatically satisfied by Major requirements
  • Social Science: 9 credits (see note 1)
    • One course each from three different fields
  • Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking: 10 credits
    • Two courses from Life and Physical Science; at least one course must have a lab
    • Analytical Thinking - 3 credits
      • PHIL 102 - Critical Thinking and Reasoning

Multicultural and International

 Multicultural, one 3 credit course required
 International, one 3 credit course required (see note 2)

These courses may overlap with general education and major requirements. A single course may not meet the multicultural and international requirements simultaneously. For the list of approved multicultural and international courses, go to: facultysenate.unlv.edu/students

Major Requirements - BS in Graphic Design and Media - Subtotal: 85-86

Capstone Requirement - Credits: 4

Electives - Credits: 12-13

Credits to be selected in consultation with advisor.

Total Credits: 120

Of the 120 credits required, 42 of these must be in upper-division course work (300-400).


  1. Social Science: One course each from three different fields for a total of nine credits. Courses used to satisfy the Constitutions requirement may not be used to meet Social Sciences distribution requirements. AAS and ANTH constitute one field.
  2.  Students must take   to satisfy the international requirement.
  3.   may be taken only after completing at least one 400-level art history course with a B or better.

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