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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 

Preprofessional Biomedical Sciences

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Early Admit Fast – Track Program with the University of Nevada School of Medicine

This program expedites the process of earning a medical degree. Students admitted to the program complete three years of prerequisite coursework at UNLV. Following completion of the second year, students take the MCAT and apply to the University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Participation in this Early Admit Program does not guarantee acceptance following completion of the second year of undergraduate study. Students who are admitted to UNSOM matriculate following completion of the third year at UNLV. Coursework completed at UNSOM during the first two years is transferred to UNLV to complete the Bachelor of Science in Preprofessional Biomedical Sciences. The net result is reduction of the time required to earn the baccalaureate and medical degrees from 8 years to 7.
Students desirous of entering the program must satisfy one of two admission criteria:

Traditional application route:
- Completion of high school with a 3.5 cumulative GPA
- Completion of the ACT with a minimum score of 27
- Submission of three letters of recommendation
- Submission of a resume summarizing all relevant non-curricular experience

Alternate application route:
- Completion of 30 credit hours of coursework including at least two science courses
- Maintain a 3.5 cumulative and 3.5 science GPA in above coursework
- Submission of three letters of recommendation
- Submission of a resume summarizing all relevant non-curricular experience

Students meeting either criterion may apply for the program. A joint admission committee comprised of both UNLV and UNSOM faculty will interview applicants and select students for admission into the program. Students admitted to the program engage in three years of defined curriculum required for the baccalaureate degree and application to UNSOM. The Pre-Health Advisor monitors student performance during the three years at UNLV. Students whose science or cumulative GPA falls below 3.5 are placed on academic probation. Students incurring two sequential semesters of academic probation are ejected from the program and may not petition for readmission. Students who maintain a 3.5 cumulative and science GPA are eligible to take the MCAT and apply for admission to UNSOM following completion of the second year of coursework. The application process requires completion of the AMCAS application, a MCAT score of 28 or better with no subset scores lower than 8, and an interview by the Pre-professional Evaluation Committee. Students meeting the above criteria are granted an interview by the UNSOM Committee. The committee bases its decision to admit or deny admission on academic performance, MCAT score, non-curricular qualifications, and the interview. Students who are not admitted to UNSOM through the Early Admit Program are eligible to reapply following completion of the third year of undergraduate coursework.


Degree Requirements

Multicultural and International

(see notes)

Distribution Requirement Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking

Humanities and Fine Arts - Total Credits: 9

Social Science - Total Credits: 9

Mathematics - Total Credits: 3

Constitutions - Total Credits: 3-6

English Literature - Total Credits: 3

Additional Degree Requirements

Additional Degree Requirements

UNSOM Courses - UNLV Equivalent

UNSOM Courses                          UNLV Equivalent

Systems Physiology                     BIOL 440 - Mamalian Physiology (3 credits)
Clinical Histology                          BIOL 468 - Histology (4 credits)

Human Biochemistry                    CHEM 474 - Biochemistry I (3 credits)
                                                    CHEM 475 - Biochemistry II (3 credits)

Clinical Gross Anatomy                 BIOL 451 - Comparative Anatomy (5 credits)
Clinical Embryology                       BIOL 465 - Embryology (4 credits)

Medical Neuroscience                   BIOL 475 - Neurobiology (3 credits)

Nutrition                                       BIOL 449 - Comparative Nutrition (3 credits)

Medical Cell Biology                      BIOL 445 - Cell Physiology

The combination of Basic Science Foundation and Principles of Biochemistry provide credit for BIOL 400, BIOL 468, and CHEM 475.
General Human Anatomy provides credit for both BIOL 350 and BIOL 465.
Infection and Immunity and Medical Microbiology and Immunology combined provide credit for BIOL 453 and BIOL 251.

Capstone Experience may be used to fill part of the Biology-Preprofessional requirement (see lists above and notes below). 

Biology Core Requirements - Total Credits: 19

Electives - Total Credits: 16

6 elective credits may be taken at Touro University.

Total Credits: 126-128


  1. Every student must complete a multicultural course and an international course. Courses satisfying other requirements may simultaneously satisfy the multicultural and international requirements except one course cannot satisfy both the multicultural and the international requirements.
  2. Lists of approved capstone courses may be obtained in the departmental office or the College of Sciences Advising Center.

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