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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 


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For academic requirements that apply to all students in the College of Business, please refer to the College of Business section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Degree Requirements

University Core (General Education) Requirements - Total Credits: 33-37

Where specific courses are not identified, please see the related section of the Undergraduate Catalog for information about which courses may satisfy university core requirements.

English Composition - Total Credits: 6

English Literature - Total Credits: 3

Constitutions - Total Credits: 3-6

Mathematics - Total Credits: 3

Distribution Requirement Social Science

  • Because the courses taught by the College of Business are deemed part of the social sciences distribution area, students pursuing a major in the College of Business must fulfill the distribution requirement by completing courses in each of two content areas outside the major area of study. Those areas are: Humanities and Fine Arts; and Natural Sciences and Analytical Thinking


  • Humanities and Fine Arts - Total Credits: 9

  • Humanities, 6 credits required

  • A humanities course other than one with a COM prefix

  • Fine Arts, 3 credits required


  • Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking - Total Credits: 9-10

  • Life and Physical Sciences, 6-7 credits required

  • non-lab science

  • science with a lab

  • Analytical Thinking, 3 credits required

Multicultural and International

Three credits in each area are required. These courses may overlap with general education and major requirements. For the list of approved multicultural and international courses, go to: (Most business students will satisfy these requirements with courses required for the business core and major.)
• Multicultural, 3 credits required
• International, 3 credits required

Foreign Language/Foreign Culture - Total Credits:6

Two courses in the same foreign language at the university level or the equivalent or two courses (at least six credits) in a foreign culture. Students should consult with an academic advisor regarding acceptable foreign culture courses.

General Electives - credits required vary in order to earn 124 degree-applicable credits

Additional elective courses that will augment the major are recommended. The number of electives necessary for each student varies based on how many credits a student uses to satisfy the requirements identified above. The minimum number of degree-applicable credits required to earn a degree from the College of Business is 124. Students must have earned 39 credits of 300- and 400-level courses upon graduation.

Economics Major Requirements - Total Credits: 33

Twelve of the 33 required economics major credits must be 400-level ECON courses.

Total Credits: 124-129


  1. Students planning to pursue graduate studies in economics are encouraged to take ECON 401, 402, 440, 441, 442 and 493.
  2. Students interested in careers in government are encouraged to take ECON 307, 354, 451 and 470.
  3. Students pursuing careers in business are encouraged to take ECON 457, 441, 462, 463 and 480.
  4. For students planning a career in law, a major in economics offers excellent preparation. Recommended electives for the pre-law major include ECON 354, 455, and 457.
  5. Students must complete a three-credit multicultural course and a three-credit international course. Courses satisfying other requirements may simultaneously satisfy the multicultural and international requirements. However, one course may not satisfy both the multicultural and the international requirements. For an approved list, visit Economics–B.A. students may meet the multicultural requirement by taking ECON 305 as one of the upper-division economics electives. Economics–B.A. students may meet the international requirement by taking ECON 358, ECON 462 or ECON 463 as one of the upper-division economics electives.
  6. Students must have earned 39 credits of 300- and 400-level courses upon graduation.

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