Jun 21, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 

Communication Studies Major (BA)

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Communication Studies Major- Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Department emphasizes two areas of study, Interpersonal Communication and Public Communication. The program promotes the growth of and knowledge about communication and its uses to achieve individual, group, and societal goals. Students explore the functions, processes, channels, and influences of communication. They work to acquire proficiency in critical analysis, social scientific and humanistic research methods, argumentation, and oral written presentation.


Please see the UNLV Greenspun Department of Communications Studies web page at communicationstudies.unlv.edu for information about department programs, faculty and facilities.  Degree worksheets and 4/5 year plan for the major are available at https://www.unlv.edu/degree/ba-communication-studies.


Please see advising information at the UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Student Advising Center https://www.unlv.edu/urbanaffairs/advising


Institution - Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities www.nwccu.org

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.A. in Communication Studies at UNLV, students will be able to: 

  • Describe the Communication discipline and its central questions.
  • Engage in Communication inquiry, research, analysis, and evaluation.
  • Utilize ethical Communication skills and principles to define, evaluate, and influence public discourse and real-world problems.
  • Apply research-based arguments and advocacy skills to influence public discourse.
  • Prepare and deliver messages that are appropriate to the audience, purpose, and context, in order to accomplish communicative goals such as sharing information, completing tasks, and solving problems.
  • Use communication to embrace difference and diversity and to function effectively in diverse groups.    

University Graduation Requirements

Degree Requirements - Total: 120 Credits

Recommended Courses That Meet General Education Requirements Core

The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs strongly recommends that students address their General Education Core curriculum requirements through our college. The following classes offered in our college meet graduation requirements.

General Education Requirements - Subtotal 36-47 credits

First-Year Seminar - Credits: 2-3

English Composition - Credits: 6

Constitutions - Credits: 3-6

URST 241  

Mathematics - Credits: 3

Distribution Requirements - Credits: 19-20

 (See Recommended courses That Meet General Education Core Requirements)

Multicultural and International: Credits: 0-6

(See Recommended Courses That Meet General Education Core Requirements)

Multicultural, one 3 credit course required
International, one 3 credit course required

These courses may overlap with general education and major requirements.  A single course may not meet the multicultural and international requirements simultaneously. For the list of approved multicultural and international courses, go to: http://facultysenate.unlv.edu/students.

Major Degree Requirements - BA in Communication Studies -Subtotal: 42 Credits

General Electives - Credits: 31-42

Total Credits: 120

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