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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 

Health Physics Major (BS)

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Health Physics Major - Bachelor of Science (BS)

Please see the UNLV School of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences, web page at http://healthphysics.unlv.edu/health-physics.html for information about department programs, faculty and facilities.  Degree worksheets and 4/5 year plan for the major are available at https://www.unlv.edu/degree/bs-health-physics.

Please see advising information at the UNLV School of Allied Health Sciences Advising at alliedhealth.unlv.edu/advising.htm


Institution - Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities www.nwccu.org

Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge of the basic health physics sciences.
  2. Knowledge of the theoretical aspects of health physics.
  3. Familiarity with the practical applications of health physics.
  4. Competency in health physics problem solving.
  5. Competency in communicating technical information in written and oral form.
  6. Knowledge of basic principles of radiation science and safety.
  7. Knowledge of the chemical and biological effects of radiation.
  8. Obtain a strong foundation in math and the basic sciences.
  9. Familiarity with basic computer programming skills
  10. (10) Familiarity with statistics of relevance to the field of health physics.

University Graduation Requirements

Health Physics Requirements - Total: 120 Credits

Health Physics is the profession devoted to protection of the individual, population, and environment from the potentially harmful effect of ionizing and nonionizing radiation. The Health Physics program at UNLV is designed to train students for entry-level positions in health physics. Graduates also meet many of the prerequisites required for postgraduate studies in areas such as health physics, radiation therapy, pharmacy or medicine. The specific program objectives are that, upon graduation, the graduate should:

  1. Apply theoretical and practical health physics in the workplace.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the research process and its relationship to current and future health physics activities.
  3. Continue to acquire knowledge and experiences requisite to assuming a leadership role in the health physics profession.
  4. Function collaboratively with members of the health physics community and representatives from related health and safety professions.
  5. Have a solid academic foundation for graduate study.
  6. Conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner.


General Education Requirements - Subtotal: 37-38 Credits

First-Year Seminar - Credits: 2-3

English Composition - Credits: 6

Second-Year Seminar - Credits: 3

Constitutions - Credits: 4

Mathematics - Total Credits: 4

Distribution Requirement Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking

Please see Distribution Requirements  for more information.

  • Humanities and Fine Arts - Credits: 9
    • Two courses from two different areas - 6 credits
    • One  course in Fine Arts - 3 credits
  • Social Science - Credits: 9
    • One course each from three different fields
  • Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking 
    • Automatically satisfied by Major requirements

Multicultural and International

Multicultural, one 3 credit course required
International, one 3 credit course required

These courses may overlap with general education and major requirements.  A single course may not meet the multicultural and international requirements simultaneously. For the list of approved multicultural and international courses, go to: http://facultysenate.unlv.edu/students

Total Credits: 120

Total Credits: 120


  1.  , must be taken for four semesters.
  2. Every student must complete a three-credit multicultural course and a three-credit international course. Courses satisfying other requirements may simultaneously satisfy the multicultural and international requirements except one course cannot satisfy both the multicultural and the international requirements.

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