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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 

German Major (BA)

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German Major - Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Please see the UNLV College of Liberal Arts, World Languages and Cultures web page at liberalarts.unlv.edu/Foreign_Languages for information about department programs, faculty and facilities.  Degree worksheets and 4/5 year plan for the major are available at https://www.unlv.edu/degree/ba-german

Please see advising information at the UNLV Wilson Advising Center at www.liberalarts.unlv.edu/WAC/.


Institution - Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities www.nwccu.org.

Learning Outcomes 

  1. Students beginning Third-Year German Conversation and Composition are expected to have reached an intermediate level of reading, writing, listening and speaking proficiency.
  2. Students should be able to read somewhat longer prose of several paragraphs in length, comprehending the main ideas and facts.
  3. Students should be able to write in German on everyday-topics with a reasonable degree of analytical, lexical and grammatical proficiency.
  4. Students should be able to listen and understand main ideas and facts of a connected discourse on a variety of topics.
  5. Students should be able to pronounce German in a comprehensible manner and converse on general topics, narrate events and describe what they see.
  6. Demonstrate a general understanding of the major German literary movements, including key concepts, events and figures involved.
  7. Demonstrate a general understanding of the major German historical movements, including key concepts, events and figures involved.
  8. Understand the nature and development of the culture and civilization of Germany and the German-speaking countries.

University Graduation Requirements

German Degree Requirements - Total: 120 Credits

General Education Requirements - Subtotal: 35-40 Credits

First-Year Seminar - Credits: 3

English Composition - Credits: 6

Second-Year Seminar - Credits: 3

Constitutions - Credits: 3-6

Mathematics - Credits: 3

Distribution Requirements - Credits: 18

Please see Distribution Requirements  for more information.

  • Humanities and Fine Arts:
    • Automatically satisfied by Major requirements
  • Social Science - 9 credits
    • One course each from three different fields
  • Life and Physical Sciences and Analytical Thinking: 9-10 credits
    • Two courses from life and physical sciences category; at least one must have a lab.
    • Analytical Thinking - 3 credits

Multicultural and International

Multicultural, one 3 credit course required
International, one 3 credit course required

These courses may overlap with general education and major requirements.  A single course may not meet the multicultural and international requirements simultaneously. For the list of approved multicultural and international courses, go to: http://facultysenate.unlv.edu/students

Major Requirements - BA in German - Subtotal: 48 Credits

Additional Degree Requirements

Humanities - Credits: 6

Fine Arts - Credits: 6

German Studies Requirements - Credits: 36

Electives - Credits: 32-37

Total Credits: 120

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