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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 

Graduate Certificate in Solar & Renewable Energy

Plan Description

The Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering offers a Graduate Certificate in Solar and Renewable (SRE) Energy. The Certificate is designed for individuals already in possession of either a baccalaureate degree or a graduate degree. More specifically, the Certificate provides a specialized qualification for career professionals in the energy industry, professionals from other fields and individuals with baccalaureate degrees seeking entry into the renewable energy field, or currently enrolled graduate students seeking an additional specialization. This Certificate is designed to:

  • Provide an interdisciplinary approach to SRE grounded in the three critical pillars of policy and governance, technology and physical science, and the built environment.
  • Develop within students the intellectual and problem–solving foundation for a successful professional career in the SRE field.
  • Improve the overall effectiveness of the solar and renewable energy sector in Nevada and the Western U.S.

Students earning the Certificate may apply for admission into UNLV graduate degree programs as long as they meet the existing admissions criteria for said programs.

For more information about your program, including your graduate program handbook and learning outcomes, please visit the Degree Directory.

Plan Admission Requirements

Application deadlines

Applications available on the UNLV Graduate College website.

  1. Applicants must have earned an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university with an overall undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  2. Applicants must be accepted by the Graduate College and the Advisory/Admissions Committee for the SRE Certificate program.
  3. All applicants must review and follow the Graduate College Admission and Registration Requirements.

Students are accepted into a certificate program as described in the Graduate Catalog. The faculty and corresponding sub-disciplines and sub-plans within the described programs are subject to change at any time.

Plan Requirements

Total Credits Required: 18

Course Requirements

Required Course – Credits: 3

ME 677 - Solar and Renewable Energy Utilization 

Environmental Decision Making Course – Credits: 3

Complete one of the following courses:

ENV 702 - Environmental Problem Solving 

ENV 720 - Natural Resource Valuation 

PAF 703 - Individual and Group Decision Making 

Built Environment Course – Credits: 3

Complete one of the following courses:

CEM 680 - Sustainable Construction 

ABS 632 - Solar Energy Applications in Architecture 

Energy Policy Course – Credits: 3

Complete three credits from the following list of courses:

ENV 611 - Environmental Risk Management 

ENV 702 - Environmental Problem Solving 

ENV 703 - Environmental Law and Policy Seminar 

ENV 711 - Risk Assessment and Risk Management 

ENV 720 - Natural Resource Valuation 

ENV 750 - Environmental Studies and Public Policy 

LAW 651 - Environmental Quality Law 

ECO 707 - Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 

PAF 701 - Origins and Development of Public Policy in America 

PAF 702 - Role of Government in Society 

PUA 725 - Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation 

PUA 745 - Administration in a Federal and Intergovernmental Perspective 

PUA 756 - Policy Implementation 

Engineering & Science Course – Credits: 3

Complete three credits from the following list of courses:

CEM 680 - Sustainable Construction 

CEM 755 - Renewable Energy Capital Facility Projects 

ABS 531 - Environmental Control Systems I 

ABS 532 - Environmental Control Systems II 

ABS 632 - Solar Energy Applications in Architecture 

GEOL 610 - Soil Classification and Resource Management 

GEOL 630 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Theory and Applications 

GEOL 646 - Geologic Applications in Remote Sensing 

ENV 660 - Environmental Modeling 

ENV 680 - Geographic Information Systems for Environmental & Socioeconomic Analysis 

ECG 646 - Photovoltaic Devices and Systems 

ECG 642 - Power Electronics 

ECG 653 - Introduction to Nanotechnology 

ECG 740 - Computer Analysis Methods for Power Systems 

ECG 741 - Electric Power Distribution System Engineering 

ECG 742 - Power System Stability and Control 

ECG 757 - Electron Transport Phenomena in Solid State Devices 

ME 619 - Advanced HVAC and Energy Conservation Systems 

ME 705 - Conduction Heat Transfer 

ME 707 - Radiation Heat Transfer 

ME 711 - Advanced Thermodynamics 

ME 714 - Computational Aspects of Solar Energy 

ME 746 - Experimental Design and Analysis of Digital Process Control Systems 

Elective Course – Credits: 3

Complete three credits from the Energy Policy or Engineering & Science courses listed above.

Certificate Requirements 

Completion of a minimum 18 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.00.

Plan Certificate Completion Requirements

The student must submit all required forms to the Graduate College and then apply for graduation in MyUNLV by the appropriate deadline.