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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 

Executive Master of Hospitality Administration

Plan Description

The Master’s of Hospitality Administration (MHA) degree is a 30-credit program designed to bring hospitality executives together to learn the latest management and leadership techniques in an executive format, via the Internet and other media. Demand determines the class schedule for the program.

Courses are taught entirely online—there is no requirement that any student come to the main UNLV campus (although all students are encouraged to participate in the graduation exercises). Courses are offered throughout the year in five eight-week sessions. Two sessions are scheduled during the fall and spring semesters and one during the summer semester. At least two required courses and two elective courses are offered during each session. The professional paper class is offered during the regular 16-weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters and for an extended time during the Summer semester to afford students time to complete their projects. The professional paper should adhere to the American Psychological Association’s current publication manual regarding writing style and format.

In addition to regular tuition and fees, this program has an additional fee of $510 per credit to cover the cost of delivery in an executive format. For more information, contact the program coordinator at (702) 895-5430.

Learning Outcomes 


Plan Admission Requirements


Application deadlines

Applications available on the UNLV Graduate College website.

The student must satisfy the following admission requirements of the Graduate College and the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration.

  1. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with an overall undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.75 on a 4.00 scale, or 3.00 or higher in the last two years of study.
  2. A minimum of three years of full-time management experience in the hospitality industry.

All domestic and international applicants must review and follow the Graduate College Admission and Registration Requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Because this program is offered totally online and is available anywhere in the world, UNLV cannot issue an I-20 and you cannot obtain a student visa to come to the United States based upon enrollment in the Master’s of Hospitality Administration Program.

The following information to be submitted electronically to the Graduate College with your application:

  1. Completed online application found in the upper right-hand column of the Graduate College home page.
  2. Unofficial transcripts for all post-secondary schools attended.
  3. Payment of application fees.
  4. A brief essay of approximately 500 words outlining your career goals and how your hospitality employment background has prepared you for graduate study.
  5. Résumé with employer references. The resume should clearly indicate job titles, place and date of employment and specific job responsibilities.
  6. Three or more years of full-time experience in a management or administrative capacity in the hospitality industry.
  7. Two letters of recommendation: You may upload contact information (name, address, phone, email) for a current or former employer and a college faculty member able to evaluate your potential for success in a graduate program (two recommendations required). If you are no longer in touch with faculty members, two letters from employers will suffice. Your contacts will be sent an email with information on how to complete the online recommendation or where to mail a submission.

NOTE: Instead of the above, you may skip this section on the application and have your recommenders email their letters directly to gael.hancock@unlv.edu.

The following information to be submitted directly to the Harrah Hotel College Graduate Studies Office and the Graduate College:

  1. In addition to the electronic transcript(s) submitted to the Graduate College with your application, official copies of your transcripts must be mailed directly from the educational institution(s) to both the Graduate College and the Harrah Hotel College Graduate Studies Office.
  2. Evaluation of Foreign Credentials (see #4 above)

Notes: Students are not required to take the GRE or the GMAT for entry into this program.

We will accept email submissions of the essay, resume and recommendation letters. However, recommendation letters must be emailed directly from the professor or employer, not forwarded by the prospective student.

Application Deadlines

Refer to the Graduate College website  for specific deadlines.

All required documentation and application materials must be received by the UNLV Graduate College and the Harrah Hotel College Graduate Studies Office by the listed deadline for the application to be considered.

Students are accepted into a degree program as described in the Graduate Catalog. The faculty and corresponding sub-disciplines and sub-plans within the described programs are subject to change at any time.

Plan Requirements

Total Credits Required: 30

Course Requirements 

Required Courses – Credits: 15

MHA 603 - Human Resources and Behavior in the Hospitality Industry 

MHA 605 - Financial Analysis for the Service Industries 

MHA 640 - Marketing Systems 

MHA 635 - Research Methodology 

MHA 651 - Hospitality Service Management 

Elective Courses – Credits: 12

Complete four additional MHA courses:

MHA 538 - Fundamentals of Casino Operations 

MHA 604 - Hospitality Organizational Behavior Issues  

MHA 606 - Hospitality Revenue Management 

MHA 607 - Hospitality Industry Cost Control  

MHA 611 - Laws of Innkeeping and Food Service 

MHA 616 - Principles and Practices in Hospitality Management  

MHA 617 - Principles and Practices in Convention and Meetings Management 

MHA 618 - Principles of Casino and Gaming Management  

MHA 620 - Principles and Practices in Food Service Management 

MHA 625 - Information Technology in the Hospitality Industry  

MHA 626 - Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry 

MHA 631 - Operational Analysis in Hospitality Management  

MHA 638* - Database Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism 

MHA 641 - Dynamics of Tourism  

MHA 642 - Customer Development Strategies for Casino & Gaming 

MHA 644 - Online Training and Development  

MHA 645 - Human Dynamics and Organizational Leadership 

MHA 646 - Essentials of Negotiation in the Hospitality Industry  

MHA 647 - Intercultural Communication in the Hospitality Industry 

MHA 653 - Event Management  

MHA 654 - Risk Management: Safety and Security in Hospitality and Tourism 

MHA 660 - Research Seminar in Hotel Administration  

MHA 661 - Research Seminar in Food Service Administration 

MHA 662 - Seminar in Hospitality Education  

MHA 663 - Research Seminar in Casino and Gaming Management 

MHA 675 - Seminar in Hospitality Finance 

MHA 681 - Independent Study and Research 

MHA 690 - Special Topics in Hospitality Management 

Culminating Experience – Credits: 3

Complete either a professional paper or hospitality entrepreneurship.

MHA 787 - Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry 

MHA 788 - Professional Paper 

Degree Requirements 

  1. Students must successfully complete 30 credit hours of 500-/600-level course work in the MHA program in the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration. These credits will come from four elective courses, five required courses and a professional paper.
  2. Students may take courses in any order with three exceptions: six or more credit hours must be completed before MHA 635 – Research Methods can be taken; MHA 635 – Research Methodology must be taken prior to the culminating experience, and it is recommended that the culminating experience be taken in the last semester of study. Students can schedule their individual programs with the MHA academic advisor.

Plan Graduation Requirements

  1. The student must submit all required forms to the Graduate College and then apply for graduation up to two semesters prior to completing his/her degree requirements.
  2. The student must successfully complete a culminating experience.