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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 

Criminal Justice

The Department of Criminal Justice offers three graduate program degrees: a Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, and a Master of Science in Emergency and Crisis Management. The Department of Criminal Justice also offers a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Crisis Management Cybersecurity.

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Ph.D. provides an interdisciplinary, research-oriented perspective for advanced understanding of the nature and causes of crime, consequences of crime and crime control, society’s reaction to these phenomena, as well as the organizations that are designed to deter, apprehend, prosecute, and punish criminal offenders. The program prepares students for research, teaching and professional employment at universities, research institutes, and criminal justice related agencies, including, governmental agencies, related non-profit agencies, public policy institutes, or the private sector. The program offers a post-bachelor’s track and a post-master’s track.

The Criminal Justice Master of Arts degree is a broad-based graduate program. The program addresses issues of crime and criminal justice within an analytical framework and emphasizes theory and research and their implications for social policy. The curriculum is grounded in the social and behavioral sciences and in legal approaches to crime and social control. It draws from contemporary research and theoretical developments across a spectrum of academic disciplines.There are two M.A. degree options. The traditional master’s degree is designed to prepare students for doctoral studies in the field and in related areas of the social and behavioral sciences. Those who obtain this degree may also assume teaching positions at the community college level. The professional master’s degree is designed to serve the needs of professionals currently working in justice-related agencies by providing the knowledge and skills to enhance their performance in current positions and/or prepare them for career advancement.

The Emergency and Crisis Management Master of Science program prepares students for success in the rapidly growing emergency management profession. The program is designed for individuals to develop skills that enable them to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and human-created emergencies and crises. Faculty who teach in the program have backgrounds working in high-level positions at the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Program, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as many state and municipal agencies. The program also capitalizes on our location in the dynamic city of Las Vegas and provides opportunities for students to study Tourism Security and Crowd Management issues with our internationally recognized academic faculty, and our strong connections to the local public safety and hospitality industry.

The Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management Cybersecurity is designed to provide decision-makers with the adaptable skills necessary to address the growing challenges of managing effective cybersecurity practices and mitigating threats within public and private organizations, including small businesses. The knowledge and skills gained in this certificate program are intended to be applied to interdisciplinary business practices with high regulatory frameworks. Students will learn to develop business continuity and recovery strategies that identify mission essential functions and time-critical tasks, and will understand legal ramifications relevant to cybersecurity. The program is designed for individuals who do not have technological backgrounds, but who must still prepare for, and respond to, the ever-present danger of cyber-attacks.

Melissa Rorie, Ph.D., Chair

Seong Park, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator

Dory A. Mizrachi, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator


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