Dec 03, 2022  
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 

College of Liberal Arts

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Purpose and Focus

The College of Liberal Arts offers a rich variety of courses, majors and interdisciplinary programs in the humanities and the social sciences. Being well educated involves developing an array of intellectual skills, having the ability to use a variety of methodologies to understand our changing world, and having a broad base of diverse knowledge. Our courses and degree programs are designed to provide such a foundation and to create life-long learners who can adapt to the inevitably changing environments they will encounter.

The College includes outstanding faculty who thoughtfully balance their roles as creators of knowledge through original research and disseminators of knowledge as dedicated teachers. Many of our faculty have earned national and international reputations as a result of their published work in fields ranging from Anthropology to Women’s Studies. We encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of opportunity that our faculty offer at every level. We are also justly proud of our Wilson Advising Center. As you make decisions about your educational future, we encourage you to consult with Wilson Advising and to speak with any professor or chairperson in the College to plan your program of study. Whether you are taking courses in the College to fulfill core requirements or are majoring in one of our degree programs, we welcome you.


Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Departments, Majors, and Undergraduate Degrees

Department of Anthropology
Afro-American Studies — Bachelor of Arts
Anthropology — Bachelor of Arts

Department of English
English — Bachelor of Arts

Department of Foreign Languages
French — Bachelor of Arts
German — Bachelor of Arts
Romance Languages — Bachelor of Arts
Spanish — Bachelor of Arts
Spanish for the Professions Concentration

Department of History
History — Bachelor of Arts

Interdisciplinary Degree Programs
Interdisciplinary Studies — Bachelor of Arts
     Asian Studies Concentration
     Latin American Studies Concentration
     Linguistic Studies Concentration
     Multidisciplinary Studies Concentration
     Social Science Studies Concentration

Department of Philosophy
Philosophy — Bachelor of Arts

Department of Political Science
Political Science — Bachelor of Arts

Department of Psychology
Psychology — Bachelor of Arts

Department of Sociology
Sociology — Bachelor of Arts

Department of Women’s Studies
Women’s Studies — Bachelor of Arts

Graduate Degree Programs

Anthropology — Master of Arts; Doctor of Philosophy
Creative Writing — Master of Fine Arts
English — Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy
History — Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy
Political Science — Master of Arts
Ethics and Policy Studies — Master of Arts
Psychology — Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Track, Applied Experimental Track)
Sociology — Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy
Spanish — Master of Arts
Women’s Studies — Certificate


Afro-American Studies
Asian Studies
Classical Studies
French Studies
German Studies
Italian Studies
Japanese Studies
Latin American Studies
Latina/o Studies
Linguistic Studies
Political Science
Spanish for the Professions
Women’s Studies

Interdisciplinary Academic Certificate Program

Great Works Academic Certificate Program

College Policies

Academic Policies

In addition to NSHE and UNLV requirements, all majors in the College of Liberal Arts must fulfill an additional three credits of fine arts (any course in ART, DAN, FIS, MUS, or THTR) and six credits of foreign language or foreign culture. Some departments in the College of Liberal Arts require their majors to take foreign language rather than foreign culture courses. Those students who opt to take a foreign language must take two courses in the same foreign language at the university level or the equivalent, to be determined by the College Entrance Examination Board Test administered by the Department of Foreign Languages. Students who opt to take foreign culture should see the Wilson Advising Center or the college for a list of acceptable courses that meet this requirement. Certain courses on the college foreign culture list have been accepted by the General Education Committee as fulfilling the international and/or multicultural requirements. Students in the College of Liberal Arts may use these courses to simultaneously fulfill the college foreign culture requirement and the core international or multicultural requirement.

In addition to NSHE and UNLV requirements, all majors in the College of Liberal Arts must fulfill the requirements of the three distribution areas of the Core Curriculum. In other words, Humanities majors must fulfill the humanities distribution requirement outside the major, and Social Science majors must fulfill the social science distribution requirement outside the major. In addition to NSHE and UNLV requirements, all majors in the College of Liberal Arts must complete at least 42 credits at the upper-division level (300–400 level courses). Also, at least 50 percent of courses in a Liberal Arts student’s major must be taken at UNLV. Students may not fulfill general education requirements with courses in their major field.


Students who maintain a UNLV cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above are in good standing. Those falling below a 2.00 GPA will be subject to University Probation and/or University Suspension. See UNLV Academic Policies in this catalog for a description of the probation and suspension rules.

Liberal Arts/Business Administration Track

The College of Business offers a specially constructed business administration minor. This program prepares Liberal Arts students for a potential business career or for the 30-semester-hour Master’s in Business Administration option at UNLV. Please consult the College of Business section of this catalog for details.

International Study

The College of Liberal Arts encourages international studies. Information is available concerning university affiliations abroad through the Office of International Programs and under “International Programs” in this catalog.


Please refer to College/Departmental Scholarships in the Student Financial Services section of this catalog.


All students should contact the Wilson Advising Center for academic advising ( Students should also make it a point to consult with their faculty advisors for career advising and for more specialized academic advising in their majors or minors.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, staffed by English Department graduate students, offers all UNLV students and staff members assistance with any writing project. Consultants are available to discuss any stage of the writing process, from generating ideas to developing and polishing later drafts. Consultants can help with projects such as reports, newsletters, essays in any discipline, graduate school applications, and much more. The Writing Center is not a proofreading service; consultants help the writers themselves identify and correct problems in their own writing.

The Writing Center also offers workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters on various topics pertaining to writing. Past topics have included “Back to the Basics,” “Mastering the MLA,” “Mastering the APA,” “International English,” “Writing with Style,” and others. New topics are added regularly.

This service, offered through the College of Liberal Arts, is free of charge. For appointments, hours, and/or more information, please visit the Writing Center in the Central Desert Complex Building 3, or call 895-3908.

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