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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 

Construction Management Program

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The Construction Management Program offers courses in construction science and management that provide students with the necessary education to enter professional positions in the construction industry or advanced degree programs. The program offers the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management with either a management option or engineering science option. The program stress a sound educational background in construction science to support the management decision-making capability required in the field.


It is the mission of the Construction Management Program to produce quality graduates with technical and management skills that meet or exceed the expectations of industry, government and graduate programs.


Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
ACCE (American Council for Construction Education): B.S. in
Construction Management

Undergraduate Major

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management


The goals of the program’s accredited baccalaureate program are:

  • to prepare graduates for the lifelong practice of construction management or employment in other professional positions in the construction industry,
  • to meet educational requirements for professional certification in construction management, and
  • to provide graduates with the requisite academic preparation for graduate study.

Construction Management Program

Educational Objectives

The Construction Management Program emphasizes course work in construction science, construction management, engineering, business and management, and mathematics and science.

  1. Prepare students for careers in construction management based on:
    1. contemporary knowledge in project estimating, planning, scheduling and control
    2. contemporary knowledge of construction sciences and practices
    3. state-of-the-art skills in construction computer applications
    4. ability to define and solve problems
    5. sound communication skills
    6. sound interpersonal and leadership skills
    7. ability to function on interdisciplinary teams
    8. understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities
    9. contemporary knowledge of risk management, safety, litigation and documentation
    10. contemporary knowledge in sustainable construction
    11. understanding of professional customer service and quality
  2. Provide academic background to succeed in certification.
  3. Provide academic background to succeed in graduate studies.

Construction Management Options

Engineering Sciences Option

Prepares the student for professional practice as a construction manager or other professional construction-related positions. Emphasizes mathematics and engineering science for individuals desiring greater technical depth and for positions that are engineering related. Prepares the student for graduate studies in engineering course work and construction management.

Management Option

Prepares the student for professional practice as a construction manager or other professional construction-related positions. Prepares the student for graduate course work in construction management.

Admission to the Major

General admission follows college requirements. Students transferring from other universities or from other colleges within UNLV who have GPAs between 2.0 and 2.5 will be admitted on probation and considered to be pre-major students. Admission and transfer policies are described in the College of Engineering section.

Program Policies

  1. Regardless of catalog of graduation, students must satisfy prerequisite and corequisite course requirements as specified in the most recent Undergraduate Catalog.
  2. All required and elective courses in engineering (CEE, EGG), construction management (CEM), mathematics (MATH, STAT), science (CHEM, PHYS), business (ACC, BLW, ECON, MGT),   and  , and   must be completed with a grade of C or better. Prerequisite courses must be completed with grade of C or better before taking the next course. Under no circumstances will a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade be accepted for any courses in the curriculum with the exception of  ,  ,  ,   and  .
  3. Students must complete all pre-major courses before promotion to Advanced Standing. Promotion to Advanced Standing requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 and a grade of C or better in all courses specified in No. 2 above.
  4. All Construction Management majors must take the American Institute of Constructors Constructor Qualification Examination (COE) Level I-Construction Fundamentals within one year prior to anticipated date of graduation. A good-faith effort on the exam is required.
  5. Construction Management students shall register for  ,    or   for two semesters each and shall remain enrolled in   until graduation at the completion of the final semester of graduation the student will receive 1 credit for  .


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