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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 

Sports Education Leadership

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Purpose and Focus

The Department of Sports Education Leadership houses the undergraduate programs in Physical Education. The Physical Education programs prepare teachers, coaches, and exercise leaders to teach motor skills and work effectively with individuals and groups in organizing and administering physical education, physical fitness, and sports programs.


Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
Nevada State Department of Education
National Association for Sport and Physical Education

Undergraduate Majors

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (124 credits)

Physical Education

Areas of Concentration in Physical Education

The Physical Education major offered by the Department of Sports Education Leadership is designed to meet the educational needs of students desiring careers in school settings and of students interested in promoting physically active lifestyles in non-school settings.

The Physical Education major provides the following four areas of concentration:

Physical Education: Non-license
Prepares students to assume roles in physical education settings in sport education and leadership positions including corporate, private, medical, governmental, and youth sport settings.
Licensure in Elementary Physical Education K–8
Prepares students to obtain state licensure to teach physical education at the elementary or middle school level.
Licensure in Secondary Physical Education 7–12
Prepares students to obtain state licensure to teach physical education in the public schools at the middle school, junior high school, or senior high school level.
Special License in Physical Education K–12
Prepares students to obtain state licensure to teach physical education in public schools at the elementary, middle school, junior high, or senior high school level.

Admission to the Major

Minimum GPA:2.75

Admission Policies:

Students desiring to major in physical education teacher licensure must meet the requirements of the Division of Teacher Education within the College of Education. Students are formally admitted to the department following completion of 24 hours of university core courses (or equivalent courses taken at other accredited institutions), with a minimum 2.75 GPA. In addition, students must complete HED 170, PED 170, and PED 240, with a B- or above. Students seeking teacher licensure must pass all parts of the PRAXIS 1 (PPST) prior to enrolling in PED 336, PED 445, and/or PED 428.

Students preparing for allied fields (e.g., health clubs, community centers, youth sports, and boys and girls clubs) and seeking the physical education degree without state licensure must complete the K-12 program and 14 credit hours of advisor approved electives in lieu of PED 450 (twelve credits) and PED 470 (two credits). In addition, these students will need eight credits of approved electives to substitute for PED 428, 445, and 336.

Academic Policies:

  1. Any substitution of course(s) taken at another institution for a UNLV professional education course(s) requirement must be approved on a substitution form (available in the COE Advising Center).
  2. Students must obtain a grade of “B-” (B minus) or better in HED 170, PED 170, and PED 240 before being permitted to enroll in PED 320, 336, and 428. Further, a B- or better is required in PED 320 and 428 in order to student teach.
  3. Application for field experience or student teaching can be filed up to three semesters preceding the semester of enrollment in the field experience. Deadline dates also apply. Students must check with the COE Office of Field Experiences for specific requirements and information. Approval for a student teaching placement is contingent upon:
    1. Admission to the Physical Education Program.
    2. Completion of at least 93 credits toward a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a GPA of 2.75 or higher.
    3. Completion of all professional education course requirements, with a GPA of 2.75 or higher.
    4. Completion of at least three-fourths of the course work required in the major, with a GPA of 2.75 or higher. Note: All required courses must be completed before student teaching begins.
    5. Completion of 15 credits at UNLV, nine credit hours of which must be in professional education courses.
    6. Filing a completed student teaching application by the announced deadline.
    7. Recommendation of the department.


It is the student’s responsibility to schedule conferences and communicate academic progress with the COE Advising Center. Program of study sheets, which includes program requirements in university core courses, college core courses, department course requirements, and teaching field requirements, is available in the Advising Center.

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