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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

William F. Harrah College of Hospitality

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Purpose and Focus

Situated just blocks away from the world’s greatest hospitality laboratory—the Las Vegas Strip—the Harrah College of Hospitality enjoys unparalleled access to the hotels and resorts that are shaping the industry. Consistently ranked among the top five hospitality programs in the world, the college provides students with the theoretical and practical foundation they need to succeed in the competitive field of hospitality. Our faculty members are internationally-renowned, and our alumni consist of some of the most influential leaders in the industry, with graduates overseeing major hotel brands, popular restaurants and event firms, and Fortune 500 companies.


Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
Professional Golfers’ Association of America


Food & Beverage and Event Management
Hospitality Management
Resort, Gaming, and Golf Management

Undergraduate Degree

Hospitality Management — Bachelor of Science
    Event Design and Management Concentration
    Gaming Management Concentration
    Hospitality Beverage Management Concentration
    Human Resource Management Concentration
    Innovative Restaurant Management Concentration
    PGA Golf Management Concentration  

Graduate Degree Programs

For information on graduate degrees and programs refer to the Graduate Catalog.


New students who meet the university’s admission requirements may apply and be admitted directly to the Harrah College of Hospitality. Continuing students may request admission to the college through the change of major process by contacting the Hospitality Advising Center and making an appointment to meet with an academic advisor. Students must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA in order to have their major changed. 

International Student Admissions

In addition to the university’s international student admissions requirements, the Harrah College of Hospitality’s English proficiency requirements are different from those for the university at large. International students seeking admissions into the Hospitality program must also meet the minimum requirements below.

  1. F-1 students whose native language is not English must provide official proof of English proficiency to the Office of Admissions.
  2. Transfer equivalent courses to UNLV’s ENG 101/113 are not accepted as proof of English proficiency.
  3. Test scores cannot be more than two (2) years old at the time of admissions.
  4. Students must meet the minimum scores required in the identified areas for admissions within the same test.
  5. Policy applies to students seeking admissions through the change of major process.
  6. F-1 undergraduate students who successfully complete the highest level of the ESL Bridge Program with a 3.0 GPA may declare Hospitality major without submitting the TOEFL, IELTS, or Michigan language proficiency test scores. For more information, please visit the ESL Bridge Program page.


English Proficiency Proof

English Proficiency Test College of Hospitality
TOEFL Paper-Based Test 19 Reading, 20 Listening, and 24 Writing.
TOEFL IBT Test Overall score of 80. Minimum score of 20 on writing.
MTELP Computer-Based Test Level 3.
Overall score of 120.
MTELP Paper-Based Test Overall score of 81. Minimum score of 40 on writing.
IELTS Academic Overall band of 6.5.
Minimum band of 6.0 on writing.
No band below 5.5.
PTE Academic Overall Overall score of 53.
Minimum score of 53 on writing.
SAT Minimum of 490 on reading/writing.
ACT Minimum of 21 on English.


Transfer Policies

The Office of Admissions accepts any course that could potentially apply towards any major and is not an indication of the amount of credits that can be applied towards the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.  Upon admission to UNLV, the Hospitality Advising Center performs a second evaluation of the accepted transfer credits to determine which courses are applicable to the Hospitality degree. To determine the degree applicability of a course, the student may be asked to submit an official course description, syllabus, and/or other materials.

In addition to the university’s transfer requirements, the Harrah College of Hospitality has the following conditions for transfer credit.

  1. While class standing is determined by the number of credits accepted by the University during the first evaluation, progress toward graduation is determined by the College’s evaluation.
  2. Only transfer Hospitality courses completed with a grade of C (2.00) or better may be considered for Hospitality Core degree applicability.
  3. Transfer from a two-year school has limitations.
    1. At least half of the credits used for a baccalaureate degree at UNLV must be earned at a four-year institution. Use of credits earned at a two-year school are limited to 60 credits.
    2. If a Harrah College of Hospitality required course is a 300/400 level course, it cannot be satisfied with a course transferred from a two-year school.
    3. Open electives in the program that are designated at ‘Upper Division” (300/400 level) cannot be satisfied with a course transferred from a two-year school.

College Policies

Minimum C (2.0) Grade Requirement

The Harrah College of Hospitality requires a minimum C (2.00) grade in each Hospitality core and concentration course. Failure to complete the course with the minimum grade requirement will prevent the student’s ability to enroll in subsequent courses.

Probation/Suspension Policy

The Harrah College of Hospitality adheres to the university’s policies on probation and suspension. Please refer to the appropriate sections of the Undergraduate Catalog for details on these policies. Students on probation or students returning to UNLV after suspension must meet with an advisor for academic planning.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to the university’s degree requirements, students pursuing a degree from the Harrah College of Hospitality must earn at least 120 degree-applicable credits, successfully complete the required courses, and meet the grade and GPA requirements.

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management degree students must have met the following requirements:

  1. Must have earned at least a 2.00 GPA
  2. Must have completed at least 39 credits of upper division (300-400 level) courses
  3. Must have completed their final 30 credits at UNLV as a declared Hospitality student
  4. Must have completed at least 60 credits from a four-year institution


Although the college offers summer courses, students should not rely on summer courses to meet graduation requirements.
Students must apply for graduation through the Office of the Registrar at least one semester prior to graduation. (See the Graduation Policies section of the catalog for more information.)

Work Experience Requirement

In addition to general academic requirements, the Harrah College of Hospitality requires 1,000 hours of acceptable employment in the hospitality industry. This work experience will be evaluated qualitatively as well as quantitatively and must be consistent with the student’s major. See major requirements for additional information. The work experience requirement may be met during the school year or in summers. International students must go to the Office of International Students and Scholars to verify employment eligibility.

Academic Advising

The Harrah College of Hospitality offers academic advising through the Hospitality Advising Center. The school’s academic advisors are available to assist undergraduate students in developing and implementing an academic plan designed to meet their educational and career goals.

For office hours and advising availability, please call the Hospitality Advising Center at 702-895-3616 or visit their website at

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