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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical engineering is the basic and applied research of scientific and mathematical principles to investigate, invent, develop, design, manufacture, and control machines, processes, phenomena, and/or systems. The work of electrical engineers has had and continues to have a direct and vital impact on people’s lives in the fields of environment, energy, defense, homeland security, data security, medicine, space exploration, safety, communication, biology and extending to all types of industrial and manufacturing issues. For example, electrical engineers have been responsible for the creation of electric power and signals at all frequencies and pulse repetition rates, modern electronics, computers, electronic communication systems, modern flight controllers, automated manufacturing, and medical diagnostic tools. An electrical engineering education continues to provide opportunities for solving problems of great social significance and for augmenting the quality of life. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UNLV has excellent facilities for graduate education and research in electrical engineering. In addition, the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty is experienced and knowledgeable in many of the electrical engineering disciplines, including communications, computer engineering, control system theory, electromagnetics and optics, electronics, power systems, signal processing, and solid state devices. At UNLV, students have the opportunity to interact effectively with faculty and personnel so that programs and research theses and dissertations can be tailored to their interests.

Biswajit Das, Ph.D., Chair
Mei Yang, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator

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Master of Science in Engineering - Electrical Engineering  

Doctor of Philosophy - Electrical Engineering  

Dual Degree: Master of Science in Engineering - Electrical Engineering & Master of Science - Mathematical Sciences  

Dual Degree: Doctor of Philosophy - Electrical Engineering & Master of Science - Mathematical Sciences