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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 

Management Entrepreneurship and Technology

The mission of the Department of Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology is to create and disseminate knowledge that can be used by our students, scholars in our disciplines, and practitioners in all types of organizations to enrich people’s lives and to benefit our community, state, and nation. Our faculty is dedicated to providing undergraduate and graduate students with a high quality and rigorous education and to publishing innovative and cutting edge research in leading peer-reviewed journals.

Technology Program

This program prepares graduates for professional and managerial careers in IT or for doctoral studies leading to research and teaching careers in IS. This objective is achieved through a balanced emphasis on theory and practice. The program prepares graduates with a broad-based knowledge of information systems design, development, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance. The graduates will understand IT’s dynamic nature and will be able to use and manage IT for problem solving, decision-making, competitive advantage, and innovation. Courses in the program include projects that allow students to organize team activities, analyze problems and propose solutions, explain project-related decisions, document and communicate progress, collect and analyze data, and present solutions. Students develop written and spoken communication skills. Students in this program have the option to write an M.S. thesis, a substantial original work that contributes to the body of knowledge in IS and business.

Students work closely with research faculty members on the thesis with the objective of producing publishable quality research outcomes. The thesis prepares students for professional careers by giving them unique skills or knowledge with professional value. It prepares research oriented students with research skills that will be invaluable in pursuing the Ph.D. Students in the program take pride in using the thesis to learn something truly unique.

This degree program will prepare the graduate with:

  • A deep understanding of systems thinking and ways that IT can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the individual and organizations.
  • The ability to analyze business problems, to develop system solutions, and apply information technology to obtain business solutions.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the theoretical basis of management information systems and current research questions.
  • The ability to learn on a continuing basis to stay current with rapidly changing technologies.
  • The ability to effectively communicate the technology and its application to business executives and users of information systems.
  • The knowledge and skills to function as an information technology professional in public or private organization.
  • Excellent preparation to enter a doctoral program in MIS.

Rajiv Kishore, Ph.D., Chair
Gregory D. Moody, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator
Yong Li, Ph.D., Graduate Coordinator     

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Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics (ON HOLD)  

Graduate Certificate in Management (ON HOLD)  

Graduate Certificate in New Venture Management  

Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems  

Master of Science - Applied Economics and Data Intelligence   

Master of Science - Management Information Systems  

Dual Degree: Master of Business Administration & Master of Science - Management Information Systems  

Dual Degree: Master of Science - Hotel Administration & Master of Science - Management Information Systems