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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Faculty Governance

The Graduate Council

Graduate Council Committees

Graduate College Committees


The Graduate Council

The Graduate Council collaborates with the Graduate College to oversee all matters related to graduate education at UNLV. The Council is the faculty leadership of the Graduate College. It meets a minimum of four times each year. The Council is supported by five standing committees. Graduate College Ad Hoc and Top Tier Committees and working groups are also instantiated each year to support timely graduate goals and initiatives. The Graduate College bylaws may be found here. The Graduate Council includes one delegate from each academic department that sponsors a graduate degree or certificate program, plus representatives from the Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) and a representative from the Faculty Senate — either the chair or their designee. Please visit the Graduate Council & Committees webpage for the Graduate Council and Graduate College meeting dates and times, minutes, and other helpful information. 


Graduate Council Committees

A variety of committees and groups fall under the umbrella of the Graduate Council and Graduate College. They work in concert with the Graduate College dean to establish and implement faculty and student-centered policies and procedures to enhance and support graduate education and the graduate community at UNLV. There are a number of standing committees that play a critical role in forming procedures and policies that affect the Graduate College, its faculty members, and its students, which are listed below. Every Council committee has one graduate or GPSA student representative. For additional information on the role of the Graduate Council and work of the Graduate College Committees visit the Graduate Council & Committees webpage. Graduate Committees include the following:

Graduate College Executive Committee (GCEC): Consists of chairs of all Graduate Committees, the Graduate Council Chair, the GPSA president, and Faculty Senate Chair, or their designee. The Graduate College dean, associate dean, assistant deans, and Top Tier working group chairs participate in ex-officio roles. The Executive Committee advises the Graduate College dean, leads policy and program discussions, and aids in strategic planning for the Graduate College.

Graduate Course Review Committee (GCRC): Reviews and recommends approval of new graduate courses and course revisions at the 500 - 800+ level.

Graduate Programs Committee (GPC): Reviews and recommends approval of new graduate degree programs and certificates as well as changes to existing programs and certificates.

Graduate Program Review Committee (GPRC): Works in conjunction with the Faculty Senate to review existing graduate programs and then provides follow-up support to ensure continual improvement of graduate programs and overall excellence.

Graduate Appeals & Legal Issues Committee (GALIC): Reviews and makes recommendations to the Graduate College dean on graduate student appeals.


Graduate College Committees/Groups

Graduate Awards Committee (GAWC): Develops guidelines for awards and graduate student funding for fellowships and scholarships; reviews award, fellowship, and scholarship application materials; recommends award, fellowship, and scholarship recipients; and provides ad hoc review and ranking of nominees for special awards and recognitions.

The Grad Academy Advisory Board: Cultivates opportunities for professional and career development activities and skills for graduate and professional students.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Advisory Board (OPAAB): Develops, reviews, and makes recommendations to sustain and grow the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars to support postdoctoral scholars and the postdoc community at UNLV. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice Advisory Board (DEIJAB): Examines, develops, advises, and makes suggestions and recommendations that further the mission of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice to support the graduate community at UNLV.

Grad Student Advisory Board (GSAB): Establishes, develops, and makes recommendations to advance the goals and objectives that foster support and growth for a thriving community of graduate students at UNLV.

Ad hoc Top Tier Working Groups: Each year there are a number of ad hoc Top Tier working groups that support strategic graduate initiatives and university goals.




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