May 25, 2022  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog

Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering

At the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, we strive by our mission: Educate, Engage, Inspire, Innovate. We are dedicated to:

  • Developing an open environment that are welcome to all students
  • Creating hands-on experiential learning for all of our students
  • Fostering an environment of innovation that allows for the pursuit of high-impact research
  • Engaging the community and collaborating with partners to reach creative solutions for societal problems
  • Inspiring the next generation of technology entrepreneurs

As a graduate student in our college, you will join a thriving community of scholars who pursue cutting-edge research in

many computer science and engineering fields. You will have access to first-class research facilities and you will be taught and mentored by world-renowned faculty members who have won national and international recognition in their research areas. Our students and faculty explore many areas including: 

  • nanomaterials and devices, unmanned aerial systems and robotics, big data, cybersecurity, air and water quality,  water resources, transportation, renewable energy, sensors and systems for space, and national security applications.

We also offer our students premier graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, including computer science, big data, and cybersecurity, along with aerospace, biomedical, civil, environmental, electrical, materials, mechanical, nuclear, and transportation engineering, as well as construction management.

Our graduates work locally, nationally, and internationally in some of the top laboratories, research centers, universities, and corporations across the world.

As the boundaries of science and engineering continue to expand, UNLV’s Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering is committed to offering our students a variety of competitive graduate programs and certificates. We are confident you will find our graduate programs both challenging and rewarding.

Rama Venkat, Ph.D., Dean

Mohamed Trabia, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research



Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction  

Computer Science  

Electrical and Computer Engineering   

Mechanical Engineering  


Graduate Certificate in Solar & Renewable Energy    

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