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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 



All fees assessed by the university are subject to change by the Board of Regents. Every effort is made to keep the fees as low as possible while rendering the desired level of service. Nonresident fees are calculated to cover a major part of the direct cost of instruction. Eligibility for status as a resident of Nevada is determined by Office of the Registrar & Admissions (See Residency Regulations.)

Registration Fees: The fees listed below are applicable to fall 2021 and spring and summer term 2022.

*Undergraduate fee (per credit hour) $249.00
*Graduate fee (per credit hour) $305.50
**Summer term fee (undergraduate) $267.00
**Summer term fee (graduate) $325.00
*Nonresident tuition (7 or more credits per semester) $8,045.50
*Nonresident tuition 1-6 credits (per credit undergraduate) $274.00
*Nonresident tuition 1-6 credits (per credit graduate) $336.00
*Undergraduate Student Services fee (per credit hour) $3.00
*Graduate Student Services fee (per credit hour) $7.00
*Undergraduate Academic Success Initiative Fee  $25.00

Refer to www.unlv.edu/cashiering for complete and current fee information.

Nonresident Tuition: Students who are not Nevada residents and who register at UNLV must pay nonresident tuition in addition to the per credit fees each semester.

*Notwithstanding currently posted tuition and fees, all fees, tuition or other charges which students are required to pay each semester are subject to increase by action of the Board of Regents at any time before the commencement of classes.  The amount you are charged at the time of registration is not a final bill and may be increased.  You will receive a supplemental invoice for any additional amounts which the Board of Regents may impose.  Fee changes put in place less than 30 days before commencement of classes will not be subject to late fee penalties.

** Summer term fees are determined by adding $11 per credit based on the upcoming fall semester fees.

All fees are subject to change as approved by the Nevada System of Higher Education Board of Regents. Please consult the Office of Cashiering and Student Accounts for up-to-date information or the NSHE Board of Regents Manual.

Audit Fee: The fee for audit is the same as the fee for registering for credit. The equivalent credits of an audit course are considered in determining if the student is assessed out-of-state tuition.

Special Fees and Charges:

  1. An application fee of $60 is charged to U.S. residents applying for admission to the university. International students pay a $95 application fee. Application fees are not refundable or applicable to any other fee.
  2. Special course fees may be made charged to cover unique and additional expenses associated with providing the course.
  3. A late payment fee of $25 per day to a maximum of $250 is assessed to students who do not complete payment before the designated due date. Summer term students are assessed a late registration fee of $25 per day until the end of the late registration period for that summer session. All late tuition and fees may be reported to a credit bureau.  A late registration fee of $50 is assessed to students whose initial registration for the term occurs on or after the start of the semester.
  4. Returned check fee. Personal checks are accepted for payment of fees owed to the university, although no counter checks or checks altered in any way are accepted. A collection fee of $25 is assessed for any check returned unpaid by the bank. The check must be made good within 10 days or it could be turned over to the District Attorney, and the student will be liable for all collection costs and any other related costs. Personal checks returned for any semester fees from the bank constitutes a financial withdrawal. The university reserves the right to place the student on a cash basis only, and financial withdrawal procedures may be initiated at the option of the university. A stop payment placed on a check does not constitute withdrawal from courses. Official withdrawal must be made through the Office of the Registrar & Admissions. Stop-pay checks will be processed as returned checks and are subject to the same fees and collection cost. If any personal check or electronic check is returned from the bank, the university reserves the right to place the student on a cash basis only. The university reserves the right to bring legal action for any returned check. Checks returned for NSF are illegal, and UNLV may report bearer of the check to the District Attorney.
  5. A graduation fee of $75 is due when the application for graduation is filed.
  6. Late application for graduation, $20.
  7. Credits by special examination, $60 per course.
  8. American College Testing Program (ACT) examination, $65.
  9. Distance Education fee, $34 per credit.
  10. Student health fee, $93 per semester, Summer Term is $47
  11. Rebel recycling fee, $1 per semester.
  12. Study Abroad Scholarship fee, $2 per semester.
  13. Technology fees, $11 per credit.
  14. CSUN fee, $1.97 per credit
  15. Student Life facilities fee: $223
    Summer term - $14.50 per credit (maximum six credits).
  16. International Student Fee, $145 per semester for F-1 and J-1 visa international students only.
  17. Mental Health Fee, $25.00
  18. Graduate Professional and Career Development fee, $35.00

Excess Credit Fee:  The charge to a student who has attempted credits equal to 150 percent of the credits required for the student’s program of study. The amount of this additional fee is equal to 50 percent of the per credit registration fee. Attempted credits include all graded courses on a student’s transcript, including but not limited to the grades of F and W (withdrawal) and repeated courses. The fee will be charged, for example, after 90 credits have been attempted towards a 60-credit associates degree or 180 credits towards a 120-credit bachelor’s degree. Exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis. The fee will be charged in all terms after passing the threshold number of credits until a degree is awarded to the student. Appeal procedures and other exceptions to this fee are outlined in the catalog.

Room and Board Fees: The charge for room and board includes living quarters, a meal plan, and local telephone service. A non-refundable deposit must also be paid to reserve a room.

Residence hall fees are subject to change. Contact Campus Housing or check the UNLV website for the most up-to-date fee information.

For information on housing and food service, consult the Housing and Food Service section of this catalog.

Health and Accident Insurance: All Grad students taking 9 or more credits are required to purchase this insurance. All international students with F-1 visa status are required to purchase this insurance subject to federal visa regulations. Nursing Undergraduate students are required to purchase this insurance. The premium, which is subject to change, is assessed during registration.

The insurance is also available to spouses and dependents for an additional charge. Injuries incurred while participating in intercollegiate athletics are not covered by this policy.

Grant-in-Aid Fee Deferment: Each student is expected to pay all assessed fees on registration day unless a grant-in-aid is secured prior to registration day. Students are responsible to pay their portion on time. Late fees and/or a financial withdrawal may be initiated for a student’s portion and/or reported to a credit bureau. Legal proceedings may be initiated for any default accounts receivable.

Refund of Fees: Students who withdraw from the university receive a refund of fees according to the schedule below, which is subject to change by the Board of Regents. All requests for exception to the refund policy for extraordinary circumstances must be made to Office of the Registrar & Admissions or the Fee Appeal Committee. An appeal form is available at the Office of the Registrar & Admissions, the Cashier’s Office or the Cashiering & Student Accounts Office website.

  1. For all UNLV students, including auditors, for net credit load reductions and withdrawals from the university, the refund policy is as follows:
      (1) 100 percent credit of all fees.
      1. 50 percent credit for total withdrawal from the university until the end of the sixth week. No credit for total withdrawals after the end of the sixth week.
      2. 0 percent credit for all other withdrawals, except as noted in paragraph (5). 
  2. For all UNLV students, including auditors, for net credit load reductions and withdrawals from the university during the Summer Term, the refund policy is as follows:
    1. Courses dropped prior to the business day before the start of the instructional period will receive a 100 percent credit.
    2. Courses dropped within the first 20 percent of the course period, as defined by the Office of the Registrar, will receive a 50 percent credit.
    3. There will be no credit for courses dropped after 20 percent of the course period has passed.
  3. No credit shall be made for health and accident insurance premiums.
  4. Modular courses follow different refund policies than stated above. Inquire at the Office of the Registrar & Admissions for details regarding a particular modular course’s refund policy.
  5. A full refund of registration fees and tuition may be given upon official withdrawal at any time during the first semester in the following circumstances:
    1. Deployment of a student in the United States Armed Forces;
    2. Death or incapacitation resulting from an illness or injury of the student; or spouse, child, parent, or legal guardian of the student that prevents the student from returning to school for the remainder of the semester;
    3. Verifiable error on the part of the institution.
    4. Involuntary job transfer outside the service area of the institution as documented by employer; or
    5. Other exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the institution or the student.
      All refunds are made by check or EFT or refunded to the credit card used for payment.
  6. In some cases, federal regulations require that refunds for students receiving financial aid must be refunded back to the financial aid program rather than the student. For information about exemptions to this policy, please contact Student Financial Services. Dropping below full time for students on financial aid may invalidate eligibility for financial aid. Students may owe UNLV for financial aid refunds.

Room and Board Refund: Students withdrawing from the residence hall will receive refunds according to the terms and conditions of the residence and dining hall contract.

Delinquent Account: A student or former student having a delinquent account receivable or an overdue student loan of any amount with any division of the Nevada System of Higher Education shall not be permitted to register, receive any type of transcript of records, grades, diploma or certificate or obtain services from any division. The university reserves the right to refer any delinquent account to a collection agency and/or report to a credit bureau. Legal proceedings may be initiated for any delinquent account. Students are responsible for any additional collection and legal fees.

All fees are due and payable by the Friday before the start of each term.  The university reserves the right to financially withdraw any student who has not paid all fees, including the $25-per-day late payment fee, and payment plan installments by the published payment deadline. For information on payment deadlines, please visit http://www.unlv.edu/cashiering/pay.

International Students: Because all international students are required to check-in in person at the Office of International Students and Scholars before registering for classes, it is recommended that payment be made after arrival at UNLV. International students may pay by credit card or e-check using the on-line registration system or may pay by traveler’s cheque, cash in U.S. dollars, personal check drawn on any U.S. bank, or cashier’s check drawn on a foreign bank ONLY IF issued in U.S. dollars and shall be accepted only with the approval of the Controller’s Office. Payment must clearly identify student’s name, identification number, and semester(s) for which payment is intended. No personal checks drawn on non-U.S. banks will be accepted. International students who wish to pay by electronic transfer should contact the UNLV Cashier’s Office at 702-895-3683 and should make such arrangements at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester.

Interest-free Monthly Payment Option: To help afford tuition and fees expenses, UNLV is pleased to offer students an interest-free monthly payment option. This allows educational expenses to be made in monthly payments during the semester for a small non-refundable enrollment fee. There is no interest, pre-qualification or credit check for this service. You will have 24-hour access to account information through the MyUNLV self-service.

For more information or to enroll, visit www.unlv.edu/cashiering.