Jul 22, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 

Financial Aid & Scholarships


Financial Aid & Scholarships: http:www.unlv.edu/finaidThe University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) provides a wide variety of assistance to finance higher-education expenses. Grants, scholarships, work programs, and student loans are available to help students meet their costs while attending UNLV. Students are encouraged to explore all possible resources. For more information about available resources and the application process, you can refer to the Financial Aid & Scholarships section of this catalog. Further details are available online at www.unlv.edu/finaid You may also contact the office at 833-318-1228 or visit the second floor of the Reynolds Student Services Complex, Building A.

Self-Service Help Center: Find answers to frequently asked questions or ask you own questions online. Assistance can be found at: https://unlvcrm.force.com/selfservice/login?ec=302&startURL=/selfservice/s/

Application Procedures:

UNLV has one application that students must complete if they wish to be considered for financial assistance: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application is available at www.fafsa.gov. This application will need to be completed on a yearly basis. Once an application is submitted, students may be instructed to submit various supporting documents to assist in determining their eligibility for financial assistance. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the admissions application prior to or at the same time they are applying for financial assistance. The FAFSA is available online October 1 of each year.

Non-U.S. Citizens may complete the Alternate Need Determination Form https://www.unlv.edu/finaid/forms for UNLV need-based grant or scholarship consideration.

Priority Filing Date:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Alternate Need Determination Form deadline is November 1 annually.

Students should note that this is a priority date for the FAFSA. Applying after November 1 reduces your chances of receiving the most attractive financial assistance package.

College Costs:
Your financial aid awards play an important part in paying your college expenses. Don’t forget about other costs such as living expenses. Please review https://www.unlv.edu/apply/college-costs to help provide you an estimate of your overall educational expenses.

Satisfactory Progress: 

Students receiving financial assistance are required to maintain satisfactory progress in their course work. Maintaining satisfactory academic progress means a student must fulfill certain minimum standards in regard to academic progress and academic performance. Criteria vary depending on the type of assistance received.  Students should review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards located at http://www.unlv.edu/finaid/checklist/after-sap or contact Financial Aid & Scholarships for information regarding satisfactory academic progress requirements specific to their financial assistance.

The minimum standards are demonstrated in three areas: grade point average (GPA), completed courses, and completion of the student’s degree objective. Failure to maintain the required UNLV GPA, to earn the required number of credits annually, and/or complete the degree requirements in a reasonable time frame will result in suspension of the student’s financial assistance. Once financial assistance has been suspended, students have the right to appeal. Appeals may be made upon presentation of supportive documentation (e.g., explanation from physician, faculty advisor, counseling center, etc.) with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form.

Students receiving financial assistance, including scholarships, are notified of the satisfactory academic progress requirements at the time the award is made.