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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 

Financial Aid & Scholarships


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The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) provides a wide variety of assistance to finance higher-education expenses. Grants, scholarships, part-time employment and educational loans are available to help students meet their costs while attending UNLV. Students are encouraged to explore all possible resources. For more information about available resources and the application process, you can refer to the Student Financial Services section of this catalog. Further details are available online at http://financialaid.unlv.edu You may also contact the office at 702-895-3424 or visit the second floor of the Reynolds Student Services Complex.

Application Procedures: UNLV has two applications that applicants must complete if they wish to be considered for financial assistance: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the UNLV Scholarship Application. Both applications are available at http://financialaid.unlv.edu. Each application will need to be completed on a yearly basis. Once an application is submitted, students may be instructed to submit various supporting documents to assist in determining their eligibility for financial assistance. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the admissions application prior to or at the same time they are applying for financial assistance. The UNLV Scholarship Application is available online in July of each year, and the FAFSA is available online Jan. 1 of each year.

Priority Filing Dates:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deadline is Feb. 1
  • UNLV Scholarship Application deadline is Feb. 1 for the following fall semester. Scholarship applications received after Feb. 1 will not be considered for UNLV General Scholarship

Students should note that this is a priority date for the FAFSA. Applying after Feb. 1 reduces your chances of receiving the most attractive assistance package.

Determining Need: Eligibility for many of the programs is determined by evaluating the student’s financial need. The federal government expects that a student and the family (parents, legal guardians, spouse) have the primary financial responsibility for educational and living expenses. Family income, assets and number of people in the household are some of the factors determining the amount students and/or their families are expected to contribute.

The financial information provided by the family is evaluated by a federally approved need analysis to determine the amount the family has available to meet the student’s educational expenses. If the amount determined is less than the student’s total cost of attendance (fees, tuition, book, supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses), the student is considered to have financial need.

Eligibility for Financial Assistance: To qualify for financial assistance, students generally must meet the following criteria:

  • Be admitted as a regular student in an eligible program.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree.
  • If required, be registered with selective service.
  • Not be in default on a federal student loan or owe a repayment on a federal grant.

Satisfactory Progress: Students receiving financial assistance are required to maintain satisfactory progress in their course work. Maintaining satisfactory academic progress means a student must fulfill certain minimum standards in regard to academic progress and academic performance. Criteria vary depending on the type of assistance received. Scholarship recipients should contact the awarding department or the donor. Students should read the Student Financial Assistance Guidebook located at http://financialaid.unlv.edu or contact Student Financial Services for specific information regarding satisfactory academic progress requirements specific to their financial assistance.

The minimum standards are demonstrated in three areas: grade point average (GPA), completed courses, and completion of the student’s degree objective. Failure to maintain the required UNLV GPA, to earn the required number of credits annually, and/or complete the degree requirements in a reasonable time frame will result in suspension of the student’s financial assistance. Once financial assistance has been suspended, students have the right to appeal. Appeals may be made upon presentation of supportive documentation (e.g., explanation from physician, faculty advisor, counseling center, etc.) with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form.

Students receiving financial assistance, including scholarships, are notified of the satisfactory academic progress requirements at the time the award is made.

Grants are sources of money that need not be repaid and are generally awarded to students who demonstrate financial need.

The Federal Pell Grant – An entitlement program that is awarded to undergraduate students who are pursuing their first degree. The award amount is based on enrollment and demonstrated financial need.

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) – Awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional financial need and are pursuing their first degree.

Nevada Grants-in-Aid (NGIA) – Awarded to full-time, first-degree undergraduate students who have demonstrated financial need and have a minimum GPA of 2.30. Recipients are required to maintain 2.00 GPA in the fall semester to receive this award in the spring semester. Funds are limited and awarded to early applicants.

The Access Grant – Available for undergraduate students pursuing their first degree, who demonstrate financial need, and have a minimum 2.30 GPA. Funds are provided by the state of Nevada and are limited and awarded to early applicants.

The Bob Davis Scholarship Grant – Awarded to full-time undergraduate students pursuing their first degree and who are Nevada residents. Funds are limited and awarded to early applicants.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Grant (BIA) – Available to first-degree undergraduate students who are members of a tribe that is eligible to receive services from the Department of the Interior. Students must complete the FAFSA and contact their tribal office or the BIA for further application information.

The Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP) – Awarded to both first-degree undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled at least half-time and who are Nevada residents. Funds are limited and awarded to early applicants.

Grants-in-Aid – Awarded to undergraduate students on the basis of academic achievement and special service to the university, without reference to financial need. While selections of grants-in-aid are made by faculty committees with the colleges, applications are routed through Student Financial Services. Recipients must be enrolled full-time.

Native American Grant-in-Aid - Awarded to undergraduate students who are members of a federally recognized Native American tribe.


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Scholarships are gifts of money that do not have to be repaid. Scholarship eligibility is based on academic proficiency, specialized talents, or service to the university or community. Financial need may be considered in awarding specific scholarships. For all scholarships awarded through the university, applicants must complete the UNLV Scholarship Application. Applicants will be considered for all scholarships for which they qualify. Students are also encouraged to complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for some scholarships.

Agency Awards include scholarships and awards for which the recipients are chosen by organizations outside the university. Each organization establishes its own eligibility criteria and application procedures. Information on these awards can be obtained directly from the organization making the award. Recipients are to inform UNLV Student Financial Services if they are receiving an agency award. Checks should be made payable to the “Board of Regents” and sent to UNLV Student Financial Services.

General University Scholarships
Benetti Family Scholarship
Bluecoats, Inc./Katz/Kaltenborn Awards
Bunny Y. Burns
Charles and Tona Siefert
Dee Smith
Dorothea Brinker
Earl E. and Hazel Wilson Scholarship
Gear Up Scholarship
General Institutional
Harry and Jeanne Levy
Helen Close Scholarship
IABNS Scholarship
John Bailey Memorial
John P. and Mary V. Hughes Nevada Scholar Award
Joseph Van Neville Memorial
Kenneth M. DeVos
Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
Leo Gibrich - Business
Leo Gibrich - Education
Living Memorial Scholarship Fund
Louis Woitishek
Lucille Evans Scholarship
M. Paul Messineo
Malcolm G. Moses Scholarship
Marie Barbara Woodrich
MGM MIRAGE Academic Excellence Scholarship
Midby Byron Scarlet and Gray Scholarship
Mildred P. Cotner Academic Excellence Scholarship
Mutterspaw Memorial Scholarship
Natural Science Association
Norine Busby Crouch Scholarship
Phyllis Frias
Rado W. Jones Scholarship Endowment
Relin B.F. Endow-Nutrit
R E Breslin
Richard/Deborah Roe
Ruth Faddis Kennedy
Samantha Drobkin Scholarship
Sara Lynne Halsey
Smith Family
Stanislaus Bielsky-Larry Graham
Station Casinos, Inc.
Student Access Scholarships
Troy Wade Scholarship
Tropicana Resort
UNLV Bookstore
UNLV Faculty Club
UNLV Foundation
UNLV General Scholarship
UNLV Scholar Program: President’s, Provost’s, Dean’s and
Professor’s Scholar
UNLV Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship
V. Gray & Rita Gubler

College/departmental scholarships are awarded by individual UNLV colleges and departments according to a student’s specific major, special talents or service to the university. Students are required to complete the UNLV Scholarship Application and submit all required application material to Student Financial Services by the deadline. Students interested in receiving departmental awards are to contact the dean of the college or chair of their department for additional application requirements. Departmental scholarships are awarded based on availability of funds.

College of Business

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Alpha Kappa Psi Award and Scholarship. Business fraternity award given to an outstanding business student, and an award to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average.

Accounting Department Scholarships
Bank of America
Bert Leavitt Memorial
Blanka & Norman Marsh
Bradshaw Smith and Company Scholarship
Christina M. Hixson Endowment
College of B&E Scholarship
Conant, Nelson, and Conant Accounting
CSUN Scholarship
D. Brunson/Inst Mgt Acct
Dain Bosworth IFG
DP Partners Real Estate
Dr. Hardigree Memorial
Financial Executives
Frank J. Sala
George Brown
Graduate Fellowships
Hank Gordon Real Estate
HSBC Bank Nevada International
HSBC Bank Nevada Scholarship
KMPG Peat Marwick
Lied Real Estate Scholarship
Michelle Ashworth-Nielson Memorial
Nevada Dept. of Insurance Scholarship
Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants
Outstanding Senior
Randy & Staci Garcia College of Business, MBA
Southern Nevada Institute of Credit
Wendell C. Cutler
Women’s Council of Realtors
Robert & Dorothy Keyser Graduate Fellowship

College of Education

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Delta Kappa Gamma Sorority Scholarship. For women in teacher education (must be a Nevada resident).

Joseph Friedenthal Memorial Scholarship. For leadership in special education.

Barbara L. Lochridge Memorial Scholarship. For excellence in elementary education.

Selma Bartlett Math Teacher Scholarship. Presented to an undergraduate student or a graduate student seeking initial licensure in a math teaching field.

Southern Nevada Retired Teachers Association Scholarship. Presented to a junior or senior in an undergraduate education program. Must be a Nevada resident.

Student Access Program. Presented to an undergraduate student or graduate student seeking initial licensure.

Ann Horvath Memorial
Augusta Leonard
Barbara Lochridge
Charlotte & Jerry Keller
CSUN Scholarship
Dorothy V. Gelhart Memorial
Education General
Edward Pierson Memorial
Ethel Winterheimer
Evelyn A. Semling
Friedenthal J. M. Educational
Judy Taylor Trent
Ned and Eva Bortman Scholarship
S. Bartlett Math Teacher
Simms Special Education
SNWP Teacher Consultant
Special Education

College of Engineering, Howard R. Hughes

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American Consulting Engineers Council of Nevada Scholarship. Awarded to an outstanding student in engineering.

American Society of Civil Engineers-Southern Nevada Scholarship. Awarded to outstanding students in civil engineering.

Association of Old Crows, Silver State Chapter Scholarship. Awarded to outstanding students in electrical engineering and computer science.

Institute of Transportation Engineers-Nevada Section Scholarship. Awarded to an outstanding student in transportation engineering.

Nevada Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship. Awarded to outstanding students in engineering.

ASPE-Southern Nevada Chapter
Carter & Burgess
Camco Pacific
Civil & Environmental Engineering General
Construction Management
CSUN Scholarship
Darrell & Jeanne Pepper Engineering
Engineering General
Fred Cox Engineering
G.C. Wallace Civil Engineering
Graduate Fellowships
Graebel Mechanical Engineering Student
Gundrun Eliasen
Harriet Cox
Intrepid Engineering Scholarship
J. Robert Sletten Construction Company
Jammar L. Banks
Joseph W. Sedlmeyer Memorial
Mechanical Engineering
Michael Gail Andress
Multicultural Engineering Program
Nels K. Eliasen
Structural Engineering Association
Wolzinger Family Engineering Research
Wyman Civil Engineering

College of Fine Arts

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Andre Agassi-Cynthia Bunker Memorial Scholarship. Presented to outstanding students from Clark County majoring in any of the fine arts.

Don King/Showtime Productions Minority Scholarship. Minority scholarships available to minority students majoring in any of the fine arts.

Abe Nole Scholarship
Academic Performance
American Institute of Architecture
Annual Colonel Erwin T. Koch
Antonio Morelli
Architecture General Scholarships
Art Department Scholarships
Arturo Trapaletti
Barry Manilow Scholarship
Cal McKinley Music Memorial Scholarship
Commercial Roofers
Craiger Hertig
CSUN Scholarships
Cynthia Bunker Memorial Scholarship
Doris Colby
Film Studies General Scholarships
Film Studies Award
Fine Arts General
George Sidney
H. Knudson
Holly & Ben Barton Memorial
Jazz Achievement Award
Jeanette Chaddick Memorial
Jim Brennan Design
Joy McClenahan
Kenneth & Mary Alice DeVos Fine Arts
Kishner Family Memorial
Liberace Music Endowment
Lou Weiner Scholarship-Band Endowment
Marching Band Scholarship
Marjorie F. Laird Art Scholarships
Martha Peterson Las Vegas Opera
Music General
Music Grant-in-Aid Scholarship
Musician’s Memorial Scholarship
Presser Foundation Scholarship
Reynolds Graduate Music
Rick Parks
Robert Goulet
Ronnie Greenblat Memorial Dance
Susan L. Johnson
Suzy Dummkopf Firth Memorial
Theatre General Scholarships
William L. Patterson

Division of Health Sciences

^ Top

American College of Healthcare
CSUN Scholarship
Dental General
Elizabeth Wilhelm Memorial
Georgia Pacific Nursing Scholarship
Imaging Scholarship
I & W Outstanding Achievement
Jeff Beacher Scholarship
Lisa Sherman Service
Mary Vern Bennett
Mary Lou Loveday
Nursing Alumni Scholarship
Nevada State Elks
Robert C. Hays Memorial Scholarship
Rodman Excell
Stacy Darling
St. Rose Dominican Hospital

College of Hotel Administration

^ Top

Ace Denken Fellowship
Caesar’s Entertainment
CE Naylor/TWI Group
CSUN Scholarship
Dixon and Gianakis Lone Star Scholarship
Dolores Owens Scholarship
F&B Director/Nat Hart
Fong Grad-Bob Brown
Food & Beverage Department Scholarships
Food and Beverage Directors
Four Seasons Scholarship
Gaming Today Grad Fellowship
GES Scholarship
Goodwill Endowment
Grad Student Research
Hallie & Hickman Benson
Harrah’s Entertainment First Generation
HFTP Frances Tally
Hospitality Sales/Marketing
Hornbuckle Family
Hotel General Scholarships
Kopf Foundation
Las Vegas Strip Scholarship
MGM Mirage Scholarship Fund
Michael Tata Memorial Scholarship
Muriel Stevens F&B
Nat Hart Scholarship
Nevada Anheuser Busch-IFSEA
Nevada Professional Facility Management Association
Ronald McDonald House
Shelby Williams Memorial
Stuart Alman Scholarship
Swerdlow Family Scholarship
TCA Scholarship
UNLVino Southern Wines/Spirits Endowment
Villa Banfi Fellowship
W. Weinberger Award Fund
Weisberg Trust Scholarship

College of Liberal Arts

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Alumni Mitzi Hughes Department Scholarship

Berkley Family Pre-Law Scholarship. Awarded to a major in liberal arts at the junior or senior level who plans to attend law school.

Donald L Wood Scholarship. Presented to an outstanding student majoring in English.

Edwards and Olswang Scholarship. Given to outstanding students majoring in anthropology.

Gordon Fink Memorial Scholarship. Awarded to a full-time political science major with a GPA of 3.00 or above.

Patricia Roccio Scholarship. Given to outstanding students majoring in anthropology.

Peggy Leen Scholarship. Awarded to an outstanding major in political science.

Sidney Green Scholarship Award. Presented for excellence in sociology.

Thomas C. Wright International Programs Scholarship. Awarded for study abroad in a UNLV/USAC-sponsored program in a Spanish-speaking country.

UNLV Alumni Association Rotating Department Scholarship. Given to outstanding junior in sociology.

CSUN Scholarship
International Institute of Modern Letters
History General
Jerry Kalafatis Lodge
John S. Wright Memorial Scholarship
Legislative Intern
Liberal Arts General
Maura Kaufman Scholarship
Political Science Department Scholarship
R & A Hulse
University Forum Scholarship
Veronica Mabe
Wing-Lilly Fong Chinese Language

College of Sciences

^ Top

Bernada E. French Scholarship in Geology

Black Mountain Kennel Club Scholarship. For advanced pre-veterinary students.

Edwin Weigand Science and Technology Scholarship. Awarded to students studying in these areas.

Natural Science Scholarship Association Award. Given to outstanding students in the natural sciences and environmental studies.

Sarah Lynne Halsey Scholarship Award. Awarded to full-time students in engineering or mathematics.

Stocker Scholarships

W.A. Tarr Award for Outstanding Scholarship. Awarded to an outstanding senior member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, national honor society for earth sciences.

Walter Nowak Notre Dame Scholarship

Anne Fenton Wyman
Anthony C. Hollins Memorial Scholarship
Bhatnager Awards
Biology General Scholarships
CSUN Scholarship
Death Valley Scholarship
Desert Space Foundation
Douglas B. Orr Memorial Award
Dr. D. B. Dill Award
Edwards and Olswang
Geology Society of Nevada
Harold and Mayme Stocker Scholarships
Leonard Frome
Lilly Fong Geoscience
Lina R. Wright
M. Saltman
Math Scholarships
Mountain Mines
Nowak Notre Dame Prize in Chemistry
Richard D. Titus Honor
Sciences General Scholarships
Svetlana Schwartsman
Terry D. Evans Memorial Scholarship
Wolzinger Family Science Research

College of Urban Affairs

^ Top

Ned Day Memorial Scholarship. For a student majoring in communication, English, or political science who wishes to pursue journalism as an occupation.

AAUW Cardinali Memorial
Addiction Treatment
Association of Students in Communication
CSUN Scholarship
DeAnne Sheehan Communication
Environmental Studies Scholarships
Greenspun Communication Scholarship
Greenspun Journalism Scholarship
Hank Kovell
International Association of Business Communicators
James E. Deacon
Jay Hahn Law Enforcement
Las Vegas Recovery Center Scholarship
LV Advertising Federation
Marion Pullum
Mary Hausch Scholarship
Maury Stevens
Ned Day Memorial
PSRA Desert Sands
Ruth V. Deskin Memorial
SWANA Great Basin Chapter
Tom Keevil Journalism Memorial
Working Communications
Working Communications Special Needs

Division of Student Life

^ Top

Academic Achievement A
Academic Achievement B Non Disbursing
Government Student Leaders
Ideal Rebel
Jean Nidetch Artistic Merit
Jean Nidetch Scholarship
Jerri Zika-Semaenza Memorial
RHA First Year
RHA Second Year
Student Ambassador
Student Government Scholarship Fund
Women’s Center Re-Entry

International Studies

^ Top

International Program Scholarship TC Wright
International Studies General Scholarship
San Sebastian Scholarship
Study Abroad
Summer International Programs Scholarship
San Sebastian Scholarship

The Honors College

^ Top

Johnny and Mitzie Hughes Scholarships
Lloyd Katz Essay Award
Mary Dougherty Honors Scholarships
Science & Art
Stan Fulton Scholarships

Intercollegiate Athletics

^ Top

Alliance Gaming Corporation
Alvin M. Levy
Arcenaux Scholarship
Arthur Newman Scholarship
Athletic Endowment
Bartas-M. Bball
Baseball Scholarship
Bill Ireland
Cheerleader Scholarship
Dallimore, Barnson, Nakamura
Dr. Havins
E. Wilson Baseball
Elizabeth Fulton
Ella H. Ahlers Scholarship Award
Eugene Warner
General Institutional Scholarship
Gerald Higgins Scholarship Fund
Geraldine Turner
Glenn Schweitzer
Golf Scholarship
Jack “Pappy” Walsh Golf
Keyser Baseball
Leavitt Woman’s Basketball Scholarship
Lou Weiner
Louis Exber Baseball
Mable N. Roe Women Athlete
McCabe Family
Men’s Basketball
Men’s Soccer
Men’s Swimming
Men’s Tennis
Michael Braunstein
Peter Johann Memorial for Soccer
Theodore Jacobs
Southern Nevada Hall of Fame
Sheila Tarr Smith
Summer Scholarship
The Mirage/EJ Quirk
UNLV Athletic License Plate
Vision - Wilson Baseball
Weldon E. Havins, M.D. Post-Graduate
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Soccer
Women’s Athletic Endowment

University College

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Student Access Program
CSUN Scholarship
C.J. & Jim Bradham Scholarship

UNLV Alumni Association

^ Top

Alumni Art
Alumni Dependent
Alumni Grad Art
Alumni Graduate
Alumni Honors
Bilbray Scholarship
Brinton Business
Charles and Selma Knauss
Fred Albrecht Business - Alumni
Fred Albrecht Law - Alumni
Fred Albrecht MBA - Alumni
George & Sharlene Flushman
John and Mary Hughes Alumni Scholarship
Sidney Green-Sociology
Student Alumni
UNLV Alumni Association
UNLV Alumni License Plate
William Paulos Scholarship
Wm & Alberta Stern
Zeiter SAA Book

Student Employment

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Student Employment – Available for students to earn money to help pay for their own educational expenses. In addition, students learn the importance of time management and employment skills. Surveys have shown that students who work part-time (15 to20 hours per week) do better academically and complete their degree more often than non-working students or students who work full-time. There are seven types of employment available through Student Financial Services: federal work study, State work study, regular student employment, off-campus part-time jobs through the job location and development (JLD) program, community service, America reads/America counts and regents award program. In order to take advantage of these programs, a student must be enrolled at least half-time at UNLV, with the exception of the JLD program. To use this program, students need to be enrolled in only one class.

All employment opportunities are listed on the web at http://hire.unlv.edu/students/login.htm. Students receive paychecks on a semi-monthly basis for on-campus and work-study programs, including America Reads and the Regents Award programs. Positions through JLD will be paid according to each employer’s pay policy. The hourly wage rate of all student employment programs will be above the minimum wage with the average being $7.50 per hour. Earnings from work are taxable.

Federal Work Study – Federally funded work program for students with financial need. Jobs are available on campus in most college departments and offices.

State Work Study – State-funded work program for students with financial need. Jobs are available on campus.

Regular Student Employment - Program that offers employment opportunities on campus. Financial need is not a requirement for these positions. Students must be admitted students enrolled at least half-time.

Off-Campus Part-Time Employment Through Job Location and Development – Program available to all UNLV students. Employers from the community offer part-time employment in a variety of job categories. Financial need is not a requirement for these positions.

Community Service – Federally funded program and is awarded based on financial need. It offers employment opportunities with public, non-profit agencies that provide a direct benefit to the community.

America Reads-America Counts Program - Federally funded program that provides one-on-one literacy and numeracy tutoring for Elementary age children. Financial need is a requirement for program participation.

Nevada System of Higher Education Work Service Program - State funded program which provides paid internships and employment placements. These placement must emphasize service and applied learning opportunities for students who make a contribution to the state of Nevada, the surrounding communities, or the university.

Educational Loans

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Educational Loans – Available to student on both a long-term and short-term basis. Federal loan programs have low interest rates and repayment usually begins six, and in some cases nine months after graduation or withdrawal from at least half-time enrollment. To be considered for the federal loan programs listed, students must complete the FAFSA.

Federal Perkins Loans – Awarded by the university to eligible first-degree undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at least half-time who demonstrate financial need. Funds are limited and awarded to early applicants.

Federal Direct Stafford Loans – Low interest, variable-rate loans from the federal government. Students may borrow up to the maximum amount, depending on grade level, residency and the loan limits established:

  1. Students who have not completed their first year may borrow up to $3,500 per academic year.
  2. Students who have completed 30 credit hours, but less than 60 are eligible to borrow up to $4,500 per academic year.
  3. Students who have completed 60 or more credits hours, may borrow up to $5,550 per academic year.

Independent students may borrow additional funds beyond the annual limit of the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program. The additional unsubsidized Federal Direct Stafford Loan limits per academic year for independent students are:

  1. Undergraduate independent students who have completed less than 60 credit hours may borrow up to $4,000 per academic year.
  2. Undergraduate independent students who have completed 60 or more credit hours may borrow up to $5,000 per academic year.

Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loans – Available to parents of enrolled, dependent students. The interest rate for these loans is variable. Although financial need is not a requirement, the amount of the loan may not exceed the student’s cost of attendance minus any other financial assistance.

Marion Smith Health Professional Loans – Low interest loans available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled in at least three credits in allied health sciences. Students may borrow up to $1,000 per year. Interested students should contact Allied Health Sciences for more information.

Ruth Minor Loans – Low interest loans available to hotel administration majors. The maximum amount per year is $1,000. For more information, contact the College of Hotel Administration.

Short-Term Loans – Available to help students meet financial emergencies. To borrow in this program, students must have paid their tuition/fees to UNLV. Most loans are limited to $200 and must be repaid within one month. Students may borrow through this program once a semester. Contact Student Financial Services for applications.

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